Tuesday, March 02, 2004

It's all in the Music

I'm DONE with those Sonnets as for now and i've moved on to Music! It's a pity that the Open Uni has removed music from the humanities syllabus.

I suppose i can understand the stand that not everyone can grasp music by reading a single chapter, listen to some music and turn into Debussy overnight.
As someone who's been making (with the best intentions and "attempts") music for most of my life so far, i can understand music a little more than the layperson out there.

*closes eyes and recollects*
Why... The big ole Tuba in Primary school, and the Alto Saxophone in Secondary School and JC.
The piano and flute at own leisure.

I'd say about 9 years in band playing, right about.
The piano and flute is ongoing.

So instead of making it a music analysis thing like they did to us for Poetry, they put more emphasis on appreciation.

So much for music.

The other thing they had axed is Philosophy. Once again, it's going to be as transiently done.
I can't say if i'm pleased by that or not.

Nevertheless, we're doing both but only paper deep.

Music's the one that is such a shame... Oh well. The world doesn't revolve around my wishes.

I've got a thing about guys and music.
I am DRAWN to them like flies to rubbish, Jed( see: "My Slavedriver" under Bare Essentials ) to food, males to PS2/FHM...

A chap who is proficient in a musical instrument would have given himself a good place in my books like someone say... who looks like Elijah Wood... (whoops)
If he's not proficient, proficient, he could at least understand (not merely appreciate) music and maybe be able to play a little on something.

Music and guys are a great combination. I like.

In terms of no books, no scores kind of music making:-
(an exception would be if the paper music has been internalized and transformed in a personal way)

Music involves expression, skill, thought, articulation, sensitivity.
Just some of the things that really score.
When i watch someone play, it is heaven to see him transform in an instant into a being one with the tool.

Suddenly, the person whom you thought you KNEW, displays a totally new side of himself.

What comes from the mind, heart and soul spills out, to the listener.

But of course this is all very well for girls too.

Read your comment with interest, and i think the last part stands in this case.
Which explains my confusion. Heh.
Maybe the next thing would just be how much am i of each.
Hm... Robert Browning sounded familiar.
"Our Aspirations are our Possibilities" (methinks he also said)

Yesterday was ACS's 118th Founder's Day.
I remember my first ACS Founder's Day i think. Was it in the indoor stadium? That would be... Year 2001.

The Combined Band [ACS (BR), ACS (I) and ACJC] were seated on one end of the vast ground. So, we pretty much had a great view of all the schools present.
ACJC had the poorest turn out.

What stayed with me most was that Rugby Warrior thing that the team(s) did.
Absolutely marvellous stuff, though i'm not sure it was entirely original.
Anyway, it's that Thundering Spirit that counts.
Amazing stuff.

ACJC had better kick Ghim Moh Institute's butt this year. (NOT Ghim Moh Sec, i LOVE my alma matar ok)
As much as i think we shouldn't be arrogant about our achievements year after year, I think ACJC should remain KING of the RUGBY FIELD.
It is one of our niche sports and one that holds many of the Alumni's tender hearts.
Very precarious.
Rugby as well as the wins are ACS's long standing tradition and pride and if anything were to break it and, WORSE, cause a yearly losing streak, i'll be devastated.
So will many other pro ACS people.

Now, i just need a good information source to update me with that important date annually.

All Righty. Gotta Go.

Till Then.
*ACS Forever!*

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