Sunday, March 14, 2004

Read at Own Risk. Real Long. Topic: ARCHERY.

Well now.

Time has never passed this slowly in such a loong time...

Usually i have too many things to do and time seems to be this little red rat scuttling at top speed away from me.

I'm up this sunday morning.
Earlier than i usually would be, which means i've got so much time on my hands before...


There goes JOline again.

ANd there's this constant threat of the weather taking a turn for the WORST and splish splashing rainwater all over my bimbotic head.

Don't you just hate it when a thought escapes you?

The reason why i wanted to blog was because i had this fragment of a thought.
It just HAD to ditch me.

Oh, couldn't sleep again last night.
I hope this isn't going to be a learned habit.

Archery=can't sleep.

I woke up several times throughout the night, only to find it hard to drop off again.
It'll be so silly if it i had to go to some sleep shrink and say, " i can't sleep because... i have archery lessons the next day."

I'd probably be told to just chuck the lessons.
As if i would.

Almost got up to study.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***


I'm back!

Left the house at 1:30pm and was out till about 7pm++ i think.

Today was something like, Flatter Day or something.
I'm going to just say everything as it is, and in hope i don't sound too arrogant or anything.

Along with my basic archery mates, we went over to the beginners' plot.
While my coach, (let's call him Simon from now on, shall we?) was zero-ing me, i shot some good ones.
Actually, all my arrows scored in the yellow region. (the innermost region)

By the way, zero-ing (or so i thought i heard, but it makes good sense) is when you adjust the "sighter"(or was it "sight"?) or aiming device to the right level so that your arrows go where it should.

After a few more rounds, dialogue:-

Simon: JOline, is the bow too light for you?
Me: Er... It's, comfortable.

Well, he went and got me another one anyway.
And it was definitely heavier!
Tension is... 24 pounds, right about, methinks.

Subsequently, he moved me away from the other 2 girls and gave me a target for myself!
(initally, 3 of us were shooting at one target)

I guess i did good, cos at each round, most of my arrows were in the yellow, with a handful in the red.

Usually once everyone in the row is done, someone would shout "Clear?" and the others should reply "clear!". Then everyone would go forward to collect the arrows.

While waiting to collect, i heard the other coach say to Simon behind me,
"Which lesson?"
Simon: Second.

With that, i was whisked off to join 3 other guys at the 18m target.
(those guys were having their 4th lesson and i was just some raw beginner!)

The feeling of moving up so fast was awesome.

It was there when i began getting a lot of attention from the new coach.
Attention meaning:
Correcting of my posture, bringing up of the bow, release, holding of the bow, and more i can't remember.

Everything i had learnt as a raw beginner from earlier lessons was either thrown out the window (gone with the wind, it was windy) or had been built upon with more professional advice.

At 5pm, my two girl mates left while i was still shooting with the 3 guys and the coach.
This freed Simon to come over to our side.
And scarily... the national coach was there too.

When Simon came over he said to my coach: Wa, you whacking her already ah? So fierce!
My coach: Ya lah... Must train fast now. So that can use as standby team.
(i started laughing, i couldn't hold me bow)

My shots weren't that great. Managed to hit within the target mostly, but the best was a red.
The other shots were within the white, black and blue.

Two even sailed way past the target board onto the grass beyond!!!

I never knew 18m was THAT far.

By then, Simon the President, Clint the National Coach and i think another seasoned archer(s) were sitting watching us.
Pressure cooker situation.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

As i left, Simon caught up with me and begun to tell me stuff that kinda took me by surprise.
I mean, i really didn't expect him to tell me these things when i'm so new, a totally raw archer and only into second basic lesson.
He told me:
- if you are serious, interested, it'll be good to get own gear. But can use their bows as for now.
- told me about the talent scouting thing going on with kids and the people around shooting.
- shooting competitively.
- other stuff i totally can't remember.

Even better.

As i was walking to the MRt station, Clint came up from behind.
So, we talked all the way to the station and till he left the train.
He explicitly said that i should do compound bow shooting plus he almost let me in on some... stuff. Heh.
Maybe i might get it next week? -chuckle-

Oh. The "ranking" is like this.
Bare Bow: for VERY VERY basic beginners
Recurve Bow: for beginners also. The max range is 70m.
Compound Bow: the bow with the furthest range. More gadgets surrounding it. Very technical.

All in all, from my conversations with Simon and CLint, i am getting the vibe that they want me to consider taking it up seriously and "aim high".
The conversations were littered with "SEA Games" (Next year)

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

I am mostly very happy about these recent developments.
This is something big, related to doing something for the love of the sport and representing the country.

(though many may have differing views about doing ANYTHING for the republic)

I've never experienced anything at this level.
Feel so honoured and actually valued.

Imagine one day...
I'll be sitting with (and rubbing shoulders, maybe literally) a bus load of sports celebrities like Christel (forgive me, i cant remember how to spell her name), Jocelyn Yeo, Li Jia Wei...

Wishful thinking.

On the other hand.
I kind of think too that surely, there must be other promising archers. And they are just basically trying to rope in as many of the better ones as possible.
So, i shouldn't feel too exclusive. Haha.

For all i know, they're just taking their chances. Maybe once i get into it seriously and they see that i'm mediocal, they'll shove me away.

All i'm thinking is that i've to tread carefully here.
Going to watch myself and don't "gullibly" believe everything said about me doing this and that.

I mean, yes, i think i should aim high. Maybe i can make it.
But i just don't want to become an unwitting victim in whatever it is.

I'm not trying to be overly suspicious.
Am just trying to open my eyes a bit more, think for myself, be sure i'm not going to get played out.
It's a dog-eat-dog world.

But it sure is expensive.

I also have to consider my studies.
The most important thing. My parents didn't pay so much just to see me run off with a bow and arrow.
If i can just balance it out, it'll be superb.

Neither do i want to let this get to my head as well. This's something i've been asking God to guard me against.

I've made a vow that should anything big happen, i will attribute everything to God first.
He is the One who created me and given me whatever gifts i possess.
He is the One who allowed.

Each time i catch myself being a snoot, i mentally shoot myself and ask God to guard my mind and heart.

I think i've said enough.
I doubt anyone read this till the end.

For my own personal use, man, this sure beats writing it out by hand.

Till Then.

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