Saturday, March 27, 2004

Why Am I ...

Feeling like crud.

Just came back from shooting.

TOday, spent 95% of time at 20m-25m. (it wasn't 18m after all)

My shots have improved since last week.

But why do i feel so crappy?

I shoot just fine alone or with the other archers.
But the minute i hear Simon's voice, or if he's coaching me, or see him approaching, my shot would go wide.

It frustrates me. It's like telling him that there's no improvement when it's that he's freaking me out.

He wanted to shift me to 30m but he didn't in the end.
I can't say exactly why because i ain't him. Though to me it's obvious he wasn't satisfied with my performance.

Apart from that, i had also let other factors get me down.
Which's SO STUPID of me.
Why am i being SOOOO STOOPID?

Feel totally degraded today.
The only consolation is that i was told to call Simon next week. Not sure what he wants to talk to me about.
Only time will tell.


Need to practice SOMEhow. But i only get one chance per week. How is that enough?

I'll pick myself up.
Just need a little time to psych myself with self talk.

I know that at some point in time, everyone will go through some kind of setback.

But it scares me that before i can even go further, i am screwing my chances.

Hey Alwyn:
WHAO. THanks for the info there...
WIll slowly go through them.
Grade HALF? *chuckle* heeheehee. Don't know how to help in finding you a good, patient teacher. I've no recommendations.


*sinks into a stupor*

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