Thursday, March 04, 2004

No suitable title. (edited)


Does the weather really have to act up NOW??!?!
I mean, it was bright, hot and non-rainy till just recently. (in terms of weeks)

Especially when i'm going to have my first basic archery lesson this saturday.

All i can hope for is that the bloomin' weather rains itself all out before saturday morning.

Or that wherever i'll be going to will be so ulu that rain has never seen that part of Singapore.
(though it is IMPOSSIBLE anyway. It IS Singapore, you know)

Here i am grumbling away when some people would be dancing around a fire with jingly jangly ornaments and facial paint screaming bloody murder for rain to pour.

Speaking of such.

I thank God that i am where i am.

Take for example:

I stare at my pencil box and all its contents and realize that there're loads of people in another part of the world who don't even own half(or less) of what's in my pencil box.

If i expand the scope and just look at the rest of what i own.
A stapler, a cup (with milo in it), a laptop, a bag, speakers, a dictionary, textbooks, my own toilet, bed,... (yada, yada)

I come to realize that i never knew i owned so many things. These things are all mine.
I have education.
I have family.
I have a home.
I have friends.
I have food and shelter.
I have clothes.
I have choice.

And there're people out there who don't have anything.

The stark reality stares at me daily and i've taken it all for granted.


In the nothingness, they might have some things i don't.
I'd do an injustice if i even try to list those things because i will hardly ever know.

How little is my mind!
How little it is that i know!

The brain. A complex little blob of fat.
Ever networking, ever pulsing, ever ugly.

The mind. A busy little bunch of cog wheels.
Ever learning, ever fantasizing, ever wondering, ever remembering, ever stimulating, ever interesting, ever distracted, ever dreaming.

Joline... will you just.
*looks up innocently*

No...! *Psycho's OST playing in the background*
Wa serious... You've got to let me in on some Sonnet ripping technique because i am so not poetry material. ('cept for Haikus i hope)
Think i blabbered a lot about it in past entries.
HAven't gotten to Sonnets by Shakespeare yet, perhaps i will take a peek later.
Oh YES! But if anything, there's actually one rather morbid sounding one i like.
It's called "Marked with D" by Tony Harrison.
The problem is that Sonnets are so enjoyable when one can GET it by oneself.
Having it explained to me makes me feel so dumb and unsatisfied.

Yep... the score was real close last year. I was there screaming along with my junior.
But i was on the wrong side of the field when it came to that last kick. I think it was a conversion right.
I do hope it's not going to be a trend for RJC to creep up slowly on us like this.


That leaves me about less than 40 hours to ARCHERY!

WHoop DEE dOO!

Till Then.
* "Everything that is done in the world, is done by hope." --Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. *

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