Friday, March 26, 2004

Today's Liting Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know how to change word size, not sure if that's posible... But Anyway, Happy Birthday, my dear friend!!!

Prior to monday, had been feverishly editing my Arts assignment. Am tempted to just abbrev that as "ass"...
I had to squeeze a 600+ word answer to one that's 300 or below. No thanks to the ambiguous question structure.

After which i had to get down to serious mugging again to catch up with my readings.
Felt SO sluggish.
Guess doing my assignments was so draining that i just didn't have the right attitude towards my work.


Was at KINO the other day and they started playing one of his albums, "Finding Paradise".
Being the kind with sad, melancholic inclinations, i like "Tears for Alice".
I've tried it on the piano yesterday. Pretty easy to plonk it out but it sounds a bit bare.

That's the problem with not having enough experience. I stopped piano at a measly grade of Grade 1 (practical).
But since i enjoy music a lot, and we still have that black upright piano, i'm still playing.
At my own leisure.

To save myself from playing the grade 1 books and the tough grade 3 and above classical stuff, i just listen to music and try to follow.
It's fun!
But sometimes when u don't manage to get the right chords, it just doesn't sound right.

Oh, i bought a skinny archery book from Kino. Gah. Within my budget mah.
CAn't say i've read it cover to cover.
But have read and re-read the important bits. ( important at this point)

Pretty day today. Hope it stays.

I actually have some time to myself today. Will go to Borders and look for more books on archery.

I think i've morphed into a studyholic.
When i'm not at my table doing some form of work , i feel guilty.
Bad, bad.
This started in secondary school.

For example, my sec 2 final year examinations were over, but i still felt guilty even while watching tv.
The weird thing was that i did well for my exams but yet.

It's not so acute anymore but i still do feel guilty when i go out.
Any scientific disorder?

I remember this GP comprehension once, about how people today are so caught up with work that with every free moment, they would find some work to do. On trains and whatnot.

Well... some people are busy on our trains with activities far different. Think: couples.

My room is a war zone.
And so is my face.

I think it's the weather's effect. Everytime a zit heals, a few more are birthed!!!! They are multiplying exponentially.

I notice i'm not bothering with "Scribbles" anymore... Guess it's because i'm happy and safe from depression.
When happy, Jo doesn't muse.
Jo is amused.

Hm, i take it that your new found hobby is editing photos...? Hee. Seriously, i thought that picture you posted was something so fresh. Was captivated.
"Is that real? Looks like it.... But look at the texture! It seems somewhat dreamlike... But then look at the details. It really looks like the hall but yet something seems out..."
Haha. I liked the gun and the gloved hands.
Me like weapons.
I applied for all 3 unis... SMOO included.
THere's quite a few reasons as to why i did.
Here're just a couple:
1. one mental torment would be over.
2. save parents' money.
Thanks for your support! Will be doing a lot of mulling over the potential decision.
I hope it's something God opened up for me... (because he knows some desires)

Helloz. Yur... Hostels. Very happening. *tsk*
Yes... would go for it if i wasn't in this transitional stage. DOn't want to follow a certain national sprinter's steps.
Feeling really torn. I know where my priorities lie.
Yet when it comes to the decision, my resolve might crack.
It is sad when u think about how some people say that you just have to sacrifice some things in life no matter how fantastic.
It's an opportunity here but i'm wondering if it's going to end up being one of "those" sacrifices.
I sound so pessimistic right.

I spent most of the time at Taka looking for that -murpingpickatootoo- SHOP.
Up and down, up and down the escalator, walkin' left and right, left and right....
Guards standing around those big brand shops were probably radioing each other about a:

*crackle, crackle*
"Aye, got this funny funny char boh with #$% brur brur face, walking hor from one end to udder end... Better watch out, skarly she planting bombs in toilets. Be care-foo hor."

Finally found the equally -murpingpickatootoo- directory and so i reached the shop and got what i wanted.
Think i'll be back there again. Nice stuff.

If that sounds joline-u-no-hope-LAH!... Well.

Went to the atm machine to check balance and the wonderful machine nearly scared the guts out of me!
The machine's keypad had some problem of sorts and it wasn't registering anything i keyed in.
Thought my card would get retained... Horrible, gut-scaring, machine!!!
After a few drawn out seconds that felt like minutes, it spat out my card.

So ok.
Time to head home and decided to have a nice cool drink to make me HAPPY after all that.
Then silly me.
I explicitly said to myself, "This had better not screw up. I want my drink."
Don't know what on Earth i pressed at the drink machine.
Instead of Ice Lemon Tea, a can of Soya Bean dropped out.
*mumble, mumble*

I'm lucky i got home in one piece. Maybe i could've been struck by lightning or something but God decided i should live through more very-joline things.

Ah well.
These things always seem to be happening to me.

Till Then.
*gotten prezzie. hope she likes it.*

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