Monday, March 29, 2004


Am aching.

Pissed with myself on saturday, so i went to SAFRA on sunday (yesterday) to practice.
I just felt that i needed to do some brushing up of my form and also to prove something to myself.

For a nice 5 hours.
Hardly felt the time go by.
Could've gone right on but... money constraints.
Was there from... let's see... 4pm to 9pm.

EVERYONE. DMArchery may be small but the rates are good. $8 an hour. The people there are are awful nice too. So, anyone interested in archery, go to SAFRA, 5th floor.

Can't say i actually got much practice on my form. Reason: Too engrossed with results.
That is a problem with me. Too proud.

Ok, shall list my problem areas and consciously work on it the next time.

1. high bow shoulder
2. inconsistent anchor point at chin
3. not using back muscles
4. plucking of bowstring at release

Note: Those are my problems with the recurve bow.

People i met:

Funny. Although i'd like to use first name initials, i can't because everyone i met had his name beginning with 'D'.
The owner of the place is Daniel, his helper whom i suspect is his son, is David.
And another archer i got to know is Danny.

Wot's with the 'D's. Gah. Reminds me of Mr Ex. But bleah. No interference here.

Danny is one very interesting individual. But to respect privacy, shan't talk about him.
He let me try his $2k recurve bow! ( trusting a complete stranger like me to handle his gear???)
It's SO heavy.
But i am SO THANKFUL he pulled some strings and asked David to let me try the Compound Bow.
(to those of you who are new and lost, no, these aren't bow ties. Think Robin Hood.)

David is a God on the bow.
Enough said.

*** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Yup, so practically spent the next 2 or 3 hours with the compound bow.
I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It helps to undo my high bow shoulder and fixes a consistent anchor point.
And it's FASTER, making the arrows fly straighter.
Plus... you don't have to worry too much about releasing problems.

The only negative point SO FAR, is that it is a wee bit more sensitive.

I'm hoping Simon wll speak to me about the compound bow... I LOVE IT.

Was hitting mostly yellows, a few strays and a handful of bull's eyes.
Technicalities replace certain skills.

Yo woman!!! Took you some time to get here hah?
How're YOU?
hahha, yes, Jed IS CUTE. But he's the naughtiest thing.
He hasn't been stealing underwear or socks anymore because we've learnt how to isolate those items.
However, he's made up for it by destroying shoes (a lot of my mom's) and STEALING VIRTUALLY EVERYTHING.
He's fatter and just slightly bigger now. It's a good thing he's cute or else we would've murdered him much earlier.

Right. I am spending my time unwisely.
Back to academics.

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