Friday, February 27, 2004

Twinkle in Eye

Today's friday.

Uh huh, uh huh.

After the last few days of endless mugging at home in order to finish the bits i need for my 1st Psychology assignment, i declared that today would be rest day.
I still need to tie up some loose ends.
I've been telling myself that since this morning... Erm, i'm sure i'll get down to it.

After my soap opera i've been following religiously, (anyone wants to guess?) i took an adventure trip to find my ARCHERY RANGE!!!

Yes, EVERYONE! I've finally enrolled, after all the talk about it.
Next saturday seems lightyears away.

Walking all alone is quite nice, methinks.

1. No one to complain and whine to me about how hot the weather is.
Get USE to it, already.

2. No one to hurry me here and there.

3. No one to care for to make sure they're entertained.

4. And i can talk to myself. REALLY. I do that. Helps me to reason and by hearing myself, i think it helps the brain realize things.
As they say, "Read Aloud".
Do you realize how: When you think you can't solve a math problem. Then you run over to the next helpful person. Then as you read the problem aloud, you go: "OH YA HOR!!! "
Than scramble back to which ever hole you came from.

5. I can talk privately to God as well or sing songs.

6. Listen to radio while strolling. I love the sun.

I had been walking in the wrong direction till i reached some highway and felt that something was horribly odd.
So, walked back lor.

The Archery field is some small plot of land, but big enough so you don't kill anyone.
Overgrown around the sides and the grass was coarse and dry looking.
There was a row of shelter-like things that looked particularly shabby.
One of the metal structures/frames had actually been blow over or SOMETHING, and it had actually flipped upside down into the next field that lies at a lower level next to it.

You gotta see it to believe it man.

I don't think the AAS has a permanent field. (The Serangoon Range will be available till 2006) But i think they at least have an office somewhere at Lantana.
I think it spans its shooting "land" over the affiliated clubs' premises.

SOme of the best archers come from Korea and Singapore is slowly trying (keyword:TRYING) to gain ground in archery following its medal at the most recent SEA Games.

But methinks that the first step is to GET PROPER PREMISES!!!

That's like, the first few things to do to get the MORALE UP.
Have a place to call their own.
A PROPER building with TOILETS and a field to serve as the training ground...

You know, THAT sort of thing?

I saw some of the big targets.
Woo, cannot miss on a fine, windless day.

SAturday... Please come quickly...

Yesterday, i had my first Arts Lecture at SIM. The lecture theatre was big and cushy! I think it is 3 times the size of ACJC's LT2.
Maybe bigger.

My lecturer is a funny chap, he is.
i'm glad.

One thing i found intruiging, and something i should've known by then is that Sonnets go by the rhythm: da dah/da dah/da dah...

This gives certain words an obvious emphasis. (i've always wondered HOW those fellas say: Oh, so powerful, so strong, see the EMPHASIS???)

But i think as far as the relationship between me and Sonnets go...

It's, da duh? da duh? da duh?

FOr those of you who don't know... I just can't figure them Sonnets out.
I guess i can read it ten million times and fabricate SOMEthing. (relating from experience)
The problem is whether that SOMEthing is regarded as "correct".

Once again, it comes to the point where i'll say,
"So... who's right then? Quirky interpretation from Joline or the RIGHT way, courtesy of the critics and/or the arty farty fellas".

I wish i could make more friends!

I've been wanting to say this:
Thought about it and discovered that i can't decide if i'm:
1. an introvert in an extrovert's clothes OR,
2. an extrovert in an introvert's clothes.

No. 2 is POSSIBLE!

Aaaagh. Dinner's calling.

Till then.
*Grins broadly and waves!*

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