Monday, July 25, 2005

continuation 2

Cute right? hur hur... :-D
I want to koochee them little faces!

*** ***

Upcoming assignment deadlines, upcoming examinations, ongoing revisions, other things to keep me sane...

Everything is piling and piling up. And having a lazy attitude to face all these things is far from a good asset to have.

I will come out of this eventually, i know. From now till then, i shall trudge on, taking one day at a time, doing what i must. And relying not on myself, for...
I never walk alone!

Ah, the continuation of that great message a few weeks ago.

Fifth: The very walk itself.

Coming to Jesus for the sake of getting, i quote, a "Fire Insurance" (A Pass you get to save you from the gates of Hell) is not what Christianity is truly all about.

Yes, initially, we reach out to pre-believers because we desire that they be saved from the consequences of sin, which is eternal Death, in a place without God.

It is our calling, that we reach out in Christ's love to those around us because we desire that they may also rejoice with us in Heaven with our Creator.

But once someone has accepted Christ, it goes further than that. It's no longer about being saved from the fire. It's time to walk the talk.

This is where spiritual growth and maturity takes place. As we walk closely with the Lord, we see the deeper side to God, we DESIRE to follow His ways because we love Him for who He is to us.

There is no need to feel guilt because, God loved us so much that he willingly became as a Man to die in our place. He did that with love for you and I.
We don't "deserve this love", so to speak, because of how sinful we are and how holy God is, but that is immaterial in God's eyes.

His love is free, He IS love. It's whether or not we want to accept this truth.

With maturity, you begin to trust God in whatever circumstances you encounter. It's NO longer seeing God as... the God for the Good Things in Life only.

It is through the tough and good times in the walk, when we truly GROW and become REFINED.

This is where one can separate the goats from the sheep. The fair weather Christians/the ones in it only for the "works of His hand", from the ones who stick on till Kingdom come.

Of course, in terrible trials, even the mature can stumble and fall, backslide and stagnate. We are still human, weak and vulnerable in the flesh and susceptible in spirit.

But our God, is a loving and forgiving God. No matter how horrible we've been, no matter how much we might've slandered God in our rage and sufferings...

The Lord sees us through our sufferings and He will and does not turn away from us. In fact, He would be waiting with abundant forgiveness when you return with a humbled and contrite heart!

He is Faithful, even when we are Unfaithful. Right Alwyn? :-)

*** ***

2 weekends in school, 2 experiments to design, plan and run, 2 presentations. And for all these, i am SO THANKFUL that I was given a fantastic team to work with. Complementing each other in our strengths and weaknesses and everything else that made great team work!

You guys made life during weekend school bearable through all the brainstorming and brain storms, tutor issues, fatigue, and oh so many other things! And we came out of it doing well too... Yay! Well done everyone.

And 2 weekends have also made me realize that i have fallen in the love with the food there. I can see myself returning there to have lunch (heh heh.) even after i graduate. Oh... if you love creamy pasta, the carbonara is for you. Oh, Heavenly!

OH! To work, i must, i must.

I shall look to Him like a child would and take His hand as we walk together.

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