Friday, July 08, 2005

Hearing the unheard.(updated)

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*** ***

Rather odd.

There was this time when i was stoning and staring into space (you know how sometimes your vision rests on something ahead but your mind is floating and running through thoughts such that you're not really aware of what's going on around you).

A David Lanz CD was playing in the background and you know, for the life of me, i promise you that i thought i heard someone singing the WORDS to his music.

The tricky thing is, the music from David Lanz's CDs are purely instrumental.

But i honestly thought i heard words singing in sync with the melody. Every emotion that was stirred by the notes he played, was matched with what was sung.

When shook myself up from my... er... hallucination? I realized with surprise that the singing had ceased and all i heard was just the tinkling of the piano again.

The words (that i thought i heard) of the song that i had been listening to, still echoed in my mind.

I think it was a male voice. That typical kind of male singing voice you might hear in a Jim Brickman album.

(I don't remember the exact words now. Though what i do remember was that the words revolved around the theme of "Love".)

I sure wasn't making up the lyrics in my head because the words simply flowed with the music.

Ah... One more thing added to my Personal Collection of Mysteries.

*** ***

We sat in the calm darkness, after the rain.
The night was young, but time was fleeting.
(with you, time is always fleeting)
The initial chatter slowly gave way to that soft, sweet, peaceful silence, made complete by the enveloping quiet night.
(And isn't being surrounded by nature, beautiful?)

I smile at the thought of the coming together of two naturally occurring gifts to Mankind.

There was no need to say anything.
Our communion was not bound to words.

But if there were to be any sound at all, or if you thought you heard something, perhaps a funny little high pitched tune...
It probably was the singing, coming from an achingly enraptured and contented heart.

Note: Oh and by the way... This is rated VERY "PG" ok? Nothing sleazy going on around here, yo.

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