Friday, July 22, 2005

1. After chewing on this, i find it weird that people, by just doing their jobs which happen to involve being on screen (media), has made them into scream-worthy, drool-worthy, (censored)-worthy, worship-worthy gods/goddesses.

2. Abhorrent ******* marks! :-(

3. When did Skinny become beautiful? Why must Skinny be beautiful in the eyes of society? There was an era when being fleshy (curvy at the backside, frontside and tummy... Well, voluptuous all over.) was beautiful.
And that wasn't just in China.

So that designers didn't have to waste too much fabric on the model?
So that heels can take the weight? (Then go design kinds for bigger women lah! I'm sure you guys have enough creativity up there.)

Why is flab considered "ugly"?
(but of course, staying healthy is one issue. But let us not assume that being skinny is healthy either. That could actually be further from the truth.)

Shame on you, insensitive and cruel society for making people feel insecure about their "supposedly less perfect" bodies AND
For instigating certain shallow people to discriminate against them!

(If you are not of the fleshier type, good for you, and be thankful that you were born in this era where most people would like not to be associated with being fat. )

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