Tuesday, July 19, 2005

This little testimony is a humble one, but it has (re)taught me some marvellous lessons. They are lessons that i have heard all along in theory, but yesterday, it become a practical test, from which i have learnt richly.

Thank you Father, for teaching me big lessons by starting with the small and humble things.

*** ***

Yesterday, my sister was afflicted with food poisoning because of something she had on sunday. She was feeling pukey and yeah, had to visit the toilet often.

She slept a lot during the day but when she was up, she still going through the discomfort and still felt queasy. If she ate any more than she could take (which was really very little to begin with) she would throw up.

Last night, after soaking in the mystery as depicted in "Incredible Tales" (heehee) at about 10:30pm (was it?), my mom asked me to check on the sister to make sure she was all right.
I did, and found her to be sound asleep, well at least i thought so.

When i returned to my room and sat down at my study table, a sudden thought, like a small realization came:
"Pray for her."
(And an image of laying my hands on her and praying came to my mind.)

Immediately, my "other" mind recoiled, and thought: ARGH! But, that's so weird and scary!

But i decided there and then, that prayer is something that, as a Christian, i should exercise and when there is cause to pray, be obedient and PRAY! And indeed, in me, i felt that i should not toss what i had "heard" away but respond in obedience.

And believe me, prayer moves things. It does something, small or big, in the spiritual realm although you can't tangibly see it.

Now, i have NEVER gone to pray VOLUNTARILY for anyone. The only times when i have prayed for people is during alloted times that are MEANT to be spent praying for one another or another person. When we have no option not to.

(This is where i have heard so much about going forth to pray, but have never done in practical)

So, having to physically transport myself to the person in question with the motive to pray is like... Moving in faith and fear at the same time, even when the person was sound asleep during then.

A strange feeling rose up in me as i walked over to her room. It was a mix of human apprehension and fear but then, i also felt a sense of empowerment and also a sense that what i was doing, was right.

I knelt at the foot of her bed, hopefully where she wouldn't see me if she awoke at all. I was also afraid that dad or mom would walk by and ask me what i was doing in the dark. Oh yeah, i didn't mention too that praying for someone can be embarrassing!

Did you know that? Praying for someone (without planning to) feels precisely like stepping out from your own comfort zone and bearing yourself openly.
(picture going up to a sick stranger and ask if they would allow you to pray for them)

Hahah, before i could get the first few words out, she tossed in bed quite vigorously and i thought: ARGH! She's gonna see me!

*Jo scuttles out back into her own room*

Oh well. I thought, never mind... I'll just pray for her where i am and so i did.

*** ***

Hey Jie, how're you this morning?

"Oh, better... and hungry."

*Jo smiles inwardly*

So, did you have to get up to go to the toilet last night?

"No, in fact, i slept like a log... I slept throughout even though i spent the day itself sleeping." (even she herself sounded surprised at this)

*Jo smiles inwardly again*

God sure answered my prayer word for word!

Lessons Learnt:

- When you think you hear something, check to see if it is biblical. Whether it is in line with God's character and deed.

- And if it is, RESPOND in HUMBLE OBEDIENCE! If God meant for you to do something for Him, it might well be that He wants to do something through you so that you can see the work of His hand and share it with others to bless them! :-)

- If God had spoken and you obey, He will honour you. This translates to other areas in life. It's about "dying to yourself". It's about giving up of the things that mean something to you, or giving up the fears, feelings of embarrassment, pride, etc.
It is truly about desiring, loving and trusting in God and the purposes of God so much, that nothing that stems from yourself stands in the way of His will.

- Prayer may be scary, a bold step forward and embarrassing to ourselves. After praying, you may not always see something dramatic happening before your very eyes. But take heart, because prayer moves things, sometimes in ways you cannot see and sometimes, in ways that you can see. From a song we've sung:

"Step by step we're moving forward,
Little by little taking ground,
Every prayer a powerful weapon,
Strongholds come,
Tumbling down and down,
And down, and down, and down..."

So it's time that we find it in ourselves to overcome this barrier to extend our hands out in love to those who are in need. All this, so that we may share of His goodness and to see in them the same joy that we have come to know.

*** ***

Uncle GH's workshop on "Walking in the Supernatural" in church had indeed put some seeds of prior knowledge now as i reflect on this.

Till Then.
*Exam mugging has begun!*

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