Saturday, July 16, 2005

continuation 1

Haven't been keeping up with the usual daily postings. A lot on my mind, but so little words to express. Also, there's no the "i must blog about this!" kind of inspiration.

But one thing i have to say is... This past week has been wonderful, thanks to you. I had the pleasure of savouring the rich and diverse musical delectables from different parts of the world AND most of all... _____ ____ ___. *wink*
Thank you.

Not an often occurring event, this, the WASBE 12th International Conference. So, it was indeed a huge blessing, and treat!
WASBE-World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensemble.

AND WE GOT TO TRY THE SOPRANO SAXOPHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *drooooooooool* Oh, if ONLY i held on to you longer... you sweet, sweeeeet, golden, smooth saxophone... ooohh-lala-YeeHaaaa!

*composes self*

I just spent my saturday in school with a nice bunch of classmates (THANK GOD!) doing an experimental project. This weekend's covering Cognitive Modelling, and next weekend's on Memory. Yeah, sunday included. Yeehaa!

I think i am overfed. Urgh.

I only have a mere 2 more months to my exams. I am elated and panicking, all at once. RAGH!

I will die a horrible death if i don't start mugging, like, now.

Jed demonstrates rigor mortis. (muscular stiffening, that follows death)

*** ***

I did that masochistic thing again. Why Jo, why? But then again, the masochism is losing its effect somewhat.
Good. Very good.

*** ***

Onto the next 2 points that i want to share that have blessed me immensely.

Thirdly: God's Purposes are higher than ours.

This one is a touchy issue. For example, God Heals. Yes. But not all the time. Sometimes, we tend to emphasize that God wants to heal everyone and all the time. But this is not true, and it's because there is a reason for all that He allows and does not allow.

It might come across as sounding rather evil, morbid and disgusting. That how a loving God can bear to allow his people to keep carrying a burden. But God knows how to deal with us and what would be the best ways to mold and teach us.

Sometimes he heals us and when He doesn't, sometimes, afflictions can keep us humbled, keep us focused on seeking the Lord, to keep us walking on the straight and narrow.

And when the road gets treacherous, it boils down once again, to trust. And we trust, that His ways are higher, His thoughts are higher and His purposes are higher.

No amount of intellectuals, doctors, scholars, and other brainy people will be able to comprehend all that God intends.
He made us, the little humans we are. We are limited in our capacity in all areas in comparison with God.
And we need to be humbled, be still, and know that He is God.

Fourth: WWJD?

I sometimes wear a crucifix that has, engraved upon it, "WWJD". It stands for What Would Jesus Do. But after yesterday, i will also keep in mind, that it also stands for "Walking With Jesus Daily".
That might sound like the easiest thing to do, but let me assure you, that it is also one of the hardest things in life to do.

That is our challenge. And in the challenges, we are changed people when we come out of a situation.
It may be hard, but when we have run the race, when the end of time comes and when we meet our God face to face... It will be the most... unspeakably fulfilling, awe inspiring and glorifying (and everything wonderful!) end.

(to be continued)

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