Sunday, July 17, 2005


Popped by an old schoolmate's blog and i read something he said about how he feels, now that he is in love: (not the exact words)
"... my heart has been stolen by somebody and nothing else thrills me anymore except when i see XXX".

(Trust me when i say that it sounded a lot more... "passionate" when read with the complete post and with the other posts. Very generous with his expressions of love i must say.)

I was like: Woah.

Ok, being the contradiction that i am, i feel too much and feel too little. So, although i (censored, censored, censored), i stop short at agreeing if that is what "true love" does to a person, because i thought it was quite intense.

Then again, maybe i have been living in a hole?

People, is that what "true love" does to a person? Please feel free to enlighten the suaku/blur gong/cynic/unfeeling/too feeling.

- Is it an unhealthy intoxication?
- Or is it just simply a case of an emotional person just being in touch with his feelings of love. Love, that is wholesome, pure and true.
- Or is it signs of the honeymoon period sort of thing.

- Or maybe i just haven't heard how strongly guys can feel about their loved one.

(or maybe i refuse to believe that they, guys, can feel that strongly. Hm.)

I is curious AND clueless, if you would be so kind, please enlighten mua! Please? Thanks skew!

*** ***

J: Actually, i like war movies...
Me: Really? Oh, things like... Saving Rya... (proceeds to burst out laughing hysterically)

(J. and the rest of my team mates look at me in amusement and endure my incessent giggling...)

It was later when i, errr, confessed that i had meant to say "Saving Private Ryan" (referring to the movie) but instead was on the verge of saying... : "Saving Ryan's Privates"

Man, you should've heard the girls burst out roaring and hooting with laughter in the computer lab while A., the only guy in our group looked downward with a smile on his face.

(i read that joke somewhere but i never knew that it would stick until i'd say it wrongly. Must've thought it was hilarious too.)

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