Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Hm. Nothing much to yak about so i'll just leave you guys with some REALLY random photos... Some taken recently, some taken a long time ago. I must say that they are generally... nothing to gawk at.

Heh heh.
All except for JED... but even then, the crude editing made the photos so urgly.

*** ***

Outside the living room window.

This was all the sunset i could catch but I'm sure it was a real pretty sunset judging from how the light fell on the clouds.

Why do dogs look sooo cute whenever they rest their heads like this? This is way cuter than when he is lying on his side.
(see second photo also)

Had to adjust the lighting or else his black coloured face wouldn't be seen. But i think my editing kind of destroyed the actuality of it. Oh well. It looked fine in the digital camera!
Cheat my feelings one. *mumble*

(ditto the above)

Too yellowish and blurry. Yurk. :-(
But cute dog makes me happy. *swooon*

Taken during a birthday function at some club in Jurong.
Thought the lighting was rather romantic and wanted a closeup, but oh well.

Taken at the "Oasis", at Kallang i think... While awaiting dinner at the "No Signboard Seafood" restaurant. They win hands down for a chinese restaurant with the funkiest name.

A sad attempt at taking a nature shot at Gran's place. Boredom during the 1st day of CNY makes one overly ambitious.

*** ***

Quite a yawn huh? *grin*

Ok lah, got so much work to do.

Oh and... girls! PSST! There're SO MANY WONDERFUL SALES GOING ON! (eg. U2, Dorothy Perkins, Fox, and a whole lot more...)

(i couldn't resist tearing a bleeding, gory hole in my pocket today.)

In the past, i rarely shop, which explains my total lack of variety in choice of clothing. Right church mates?

But recently, (sigh!) the shopping bug has bitten so nasty-ly that i find myself going severely swirly eyed at the sight of signs declaring "Discounts up to x%" and nice clothes on mannequins in the window.

I'm a racerback tank top and jeans kind of girl, and mostly in boring solid colours... Though a little more colour has just entered the wardrobe!
Not much, but i suspect that my little collection will expand... Probably during the hols. Will have more time and i am thinking of getting part time work. *rubs hands in glee*

Only problem with me is that i need to get myself to be more daring with different cuts and colours.

When the shoulder portion of a top fits my broad shoulders (and my rugby player arms, or so i've been told that i possess. Heh heh heh.), it's too loose at the waist. But when a top fits at the waist, it doesn't fit my shoulders.
So you see, it's no easy task to buy clothes hence also the lack of shopping sprees before. But i manage. :-)

I realize that in the shopping scene, it's a women's paradise! There're gazillions of stuff to try and experiment with and look original/good in. It all depends on whether you dare to try it and dare to carry it off with confidence.

But I is a bad girl today. No more shopping in a long while. (but only after i get a bag and shoes!)

Enough of the prattle! Back to the psych books i go.

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