Wednesday, April 28, 2004


Thanks a lot. I have to figure that one out though. Think long and hard over it.
6 days a week! Really no joke.
And old man doesn't like the sound of it now that they have changed it.

*** ***

There was a woman. Young she is, 36.

I believe she was living a life of her own. Successful, yuppie type of lifestyle. Being able to travel, work abroad, with a pretty decent job.

But one day she awoke to find that she had a monstrous headache that wouldn't go away.
And her colleagues would visit her everyday to see how she was faring but it got no better.
When she went to see the doctor in New York, where she was based at, she discovered that she had some nerve and vein problems in her brain.
In addition, she had also suffered a stroke. A 4cm by 4cm clot in her brain was detected.

She could not fly back immediately to Singapore as it was too dangerous.

When she did return, she lived her life as though it was a dream. Her balanced was messed up, her right side of her body was impaired because of the clot in her left brain.
There was so many things she could no longer do.
The extent of the damage was something no one should go through.

She kept telling her friends... "Wake me up, Wake me up from this dream..."
Her world was nothing like what it used to be.

Anyhow, then a friend brought her to a place where people could help.
In a few months (2-3 months or so), a miracle happened.

She woke up one morning to find that she felt... Different.
She felt, something was different about her today. She felt... something had CHANGED.

She knew her doctor told her that she should not swim unless she had someone to watch over her.
But guess what.
She went downstairs to the pool and jumped in. And SHE SWAM.
She swam, and swam BETTER than she did before the incident.

The doctor told her that the clot was to take at least 6 months to clear.
But no.
She was HEALED!

Even the doctor was astounded.

*** ***

And last week, she was in church to tell us all about it.
When she came forward, she said, "I can't even believe that i was ever sick!"

She was born into a christian family but left the church for 15-20years.

But that day, things changed for her. And she is now a living testimony that God heals.

Even though she had strayed, God still loved her and healed her when she decided to return to the Father.

She knows that God is trying to tell her something.

The place that her friend brought her to, was the Healing Rooms, it is so named.
It is a ministry in our church that serves to open doors to people who need healing from their ailments.

She is not the only one who has experienced healing through the power of God.

*** ***

The Lord never turns away someone who sincerely comes crying back to Him.
He does not gloat, He never rejects, He never drives away.

Instead, He welcomes with open, loving arms.
Just like in the story of the Prodigal Son.

In life, God needs to throw something at us before we realize or learn anything.
We are like repeats of the Isrealites back in history.

God had to teach and discipline the people that He loved.
And that is how we are like to Him today.

*** ***

I love japanese rice.
With the seasoning and stuff.
(the sesame seeds, seaweed, and other whatnots that are brown in colour but tastes good)

Mom made a new pot of it this morning. HEAVENLY!
Dump egg, beef/prawns onto the thing and wala!

Ooohh... Yum.

*** ***

Want to get my PDL today.
Hopefully can also summon guts to call up Clint.

*** ***

Have not been feeling well for the past few days.
Guts have been acting up on me, making me feel miserable and uncomfortable.
Not that i've been puking, but i feel lousy.

Gotta go. Have to get work done if i want to get out today.

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