Friday, April 09, 2004

Before i ramble.
Happy Good Friday to ALL.

The day where we remember that God came down as a man, Jesus Christ, to take up the world's sins upon himself and die in our place.
We deserved to die. But no.
To Sin is Death, but God loved the world that he gave his own son to die on the cross for sinners like us.
For us to reconcile with God, we must come to Jesus.
We believe not by emotions, but by faith, we believe.

To God be all the Glory.

*** ***
I will not hesitate to say that my grammar has gone down the toilet hole.

Maybe i should fabricate an imaginary friend.

*** ***

I don't know if i should be thankful or mutter.

Ever since that day my family had that Penang Hawker Fair thing at York Hotel, i've been dreaming of yummiliciously tasty prawn mee and palatable oyster omelette.

Have always liked prawn mee but never was too much of a fan of the oyster omelette.
But that dinner changed the latter.

Everything blended together making it taste just... Exquisite.
Note: I'm no food critic. I just like what i like.

I have re-acknowledged the presence of one store at clementi.
I will go and treat myself one of these days...

I've not been to any other place with prawn mee as good as that.
If anything, i've not had prawn mee anywhere.
PRAY, PLEASE tell me...

*** ***

It is never safe to go for outdoor archery anymore these days.
I would say that the weather is unpredictable. But, that is... wrongish because most of the time, it rains.

I think the right word is "fickle". Yes, FICKLE.

I can't tell what season it is anymore. It just does what it likes. It's either my mind has deteriorated into a 12 year old's and i can't seem to distinguish anything, or the environment has really been screwed to the point of no regularity.

*** ***

Speaking about my mind. Have noticed that it has gone fuzzy and blurry.
It is as if the unconscious has been working... well, unconsciously behind my... (back?) mind such that when i encounter a problem, my mind REFUSES to think and analyse.
It just REFUSES... like a stubborn donkey.

When i try to think, only fragments of coherent thought would pierce through the fuzz and mist in my mind.
Then soon after, rubbishy memories will start entering my head and then i'll begin to daydream.

It is as if my mind is going right about bonkers. IS MY BRAIN ROTTING???

Only short flows of proper thought will come and then it'll be interrupted shortly.

My spelling ability has also gone down. My ability to analyse has gone down. My attention span is... 35% efficient.
At this point, i am VERY VERY VERY tempted to say something mean.

Anyway, a friend recently told me: "It seems you need to get angry. It's only then that you'll see things through entirely.
So, is my mission to piss you off?"

*** ***

This is my blog and i am entitled to say what i want.

How it is perceived will be the reader's choice.
Mean, sarcastic, pointless, illogical, one-sided, whatever...

I'm just not being true to myself. Why should i bother whether or not i will get stoned over the net on my own blog.

Joline has a mean streak in her but because of one incident in her life, it made her change a little.
It was once "mean" and "true"/ "partly true" / "not true".

Now, meanness is restricted to, "mean but TRUE".
Think Simon Cowell.
The "mean but TRUE" comments are the only mean things i dare to say to people.

Some people just don't get it and mistake my complete honesty as being mean.
Think Simon Cowell again.

I'm contemplating spewing all things mean. Whatever the permutation.
Why should i mince my words?
Because this is a public diary?
(rhetorical question)

I want to swear freely but i know that i shouldn't.
Not just because it is ugly to see on screen, but it also reflects an ugly side i'd rather not let loose.
As a learning Christian, there're things you just have to abstain from.

Swearing can successfully give angst.

Of course one can wrestle with words in an intelligent manner to give the same angst.
Perhaps swearing is just a shortcut.

*** ***
Ah, evil twin sister is up and about again.
She decided to come out for a bit to stretch.

*** ***

Maybe it's because both she and i are cheesed that we might not be going to the range this weekend.

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