Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Out of Hand...

Thanks Alwyn. I agree with you and been trying to act on your advice.
It sure is comforting to receive advice from a fellow Christian, and better still, someone who's been there and done that.

Not long ago, our church gave us 2 little booklets.
One book was on how to tell people about Christ after watching "Godspell".
The other book was one which we're suppose to give out as a gospel tract.

I think those two books are invaluable bits of help concerning how to "bring" prebelievers to Christ.

Thank God for them.

Yup. For people who have had negative experiences and aren't receptive, it is best to just treat them with tender loving care, be of good christian character (Thanks Alwyn) and give tracts or things to do with God......

Been trying to be a good friend to him but things have taken a twist.
Use a little imagination and i think you will get my implication.

Have not been feeling as down as a few days ago.
I feel somewhat mercifully detached but still able to be friend. But i have something new and delicate to deal with.
And it's not going to be easy.

Lord God, please help.


Went to SAFRA last sunday and discovered that the lady there wasn't the mom of David but they're like... cousins!

The best part is, she's in the national team. And in the women's compound team.
She was telling me that the national team needs to train up more women compound bow shooters. No surprises there.

I got a bull's eye at 18m! WOO!!!
With compound, it's easier.

Got to go.
Really hope things will come to a rest. A low, constant buzz will be fine.
I can't take roller coaster emotional rides no more.

Till Then.
*Read your bible, Pray everyday. You will grow, grow, grow...*

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