Monday, April 19, 2004


First and Foremost:

1. Friend has decided to return back to Christ!!!!!!!! OH!!!! HOOHOOHOH!!!!!! HAPPY!!!!!!!! HAPPY!!!!!!!!

2. Thank you all for responding to the previous entry, both in comments and sms. It is really nice to know that you care. What will i do without you. *BIG HUG TO ALL*
I really appreciate it.

3. There was more to it then plain rejection.

*** ***

Things have FINALLY settled down and i hope and PRAY that it's going to stay this way.
I am too tired to carry on arguing and fighting. It doesn't help too that sms can be such a pain.
Sms is like the most discrete form of communication. Especially good when you have parents like mine.

My parents are PROTECTIVE, can be overreactive like potassium in water (is that correct? My chemistry all give back to Mr Paul Cheong already), they are CONSERVATIVE, TRADITIONAL, a bit the CLOSED-MINDED.

Hello... I have a friend who has a mom who,
1. likes him to drink, YES, DRINK ALCOHOL with her. And NO, she is NOT WACKO.
2. dyed his hair FOR him. I think it was... orange.

What a difference.

*** ***

I watched "The Passion of the Christ" on saturday.

I was prepared for a gory, violent show.
I can't say i shed tears enough to feed my dog.
In fact, i didn't really feel emotionally stirred at all.

Am i heartless and insensitive?
I am actually.
But I also say it has something to do with the expectation prior to the show.

But what it HAS done for me though, is this:

It served to me as a reminder that
God is REAL.
God LOVES us.
And just LOOOOK at him. So obedient, patient and kind.
Gentle, like a little lamb.

Do you think any human today will go through all that for his friends, without uttering a curse at least once?

What Love is This?
God's Love.
God IS Love.
Isn't that such a wonderful truth?

Our lives are in no better hands.
If you think Christians are insane to let their lives be controlled by some unseen force/spirit...
Well, apparently, this unseen force/spirit is very very very caring and loving.
How can we not trust such a being to take care of us.

Of late, because of QT being done in the mornings, i can safely say that i'm beginning to love spending time with God. It wasn't like this some time ago.

By the way, listening to Christian music when one is down is a sure remedy to calm and soothe the soul.
What better way to seek solace.
Everytime there's turmoil, you know someone is there to help.
He works in mysterious ways...

Ah... Bliss in God.

*** ***

Finished church service today, had lunch with family and god bro and his mom.


I was there from 1:05pm to 6:36pm. ( i remembered the log in and out time)

WA. I got sunburnt and thus "earned my strips" as an archer.
Have got these super obvious untanned lines.

My calves are darker then my white chicken thighs. ( was wearing berms)
My face is red with sun kissed splotches.
Very unglam looking tan. Hahahhaa...

My favourite part of the day.

When my shooting kaki and i decided to have some fun at 30m. WOOOTT!

Before he came, i was having my own practice at 18-20m. I must say i've improved lots. And i feel so contented.
Actually had all 5-6 arrows in yellow. And this regular while walking by, gave me some encouragement! *beams*

So when my kaki came, i felt confident enough to move on to 30m. (Simon and Frankie weren't around... So, play around a bit LAH!)
And goodness!!! It started out really funny because we were hitting targets all right... NOT OUR OWN ! We kept shooting into each others targets without meaning to. Which were next to each other. Teeheehee, had so much fun laughing at each other.

But of course, things got better after adjusting the sights.
I'm so happy... I didn't lose any arrows and i managed to hit yellows!
VERY INCONSISTENT though. Some were probably flukes but overall, not bad for a 30m stint, PLUS, the targets were not the regular size ones. They were smaller.


And i spoke to the National Coach, Clint.
He says that he'll be looking around for a 2nd hand Compound for me and he says he hopes to see me around soon training with the national team.

Suddenly the thought of it seems almost dreamlike. Unreal.

I was introduced to two national team shooters. Pretty young guys, methinks. Younger than me, at least.

I could hardly remember their names.
But one of them remembered mine.
Was quite shocked when he said goodbye to me before jumped into the car and left.

Everyone seems to be chinese speaking, and there i was, some chinese illiterate. Pathetic.

My parents didn't believe that i was shooting at the range the whole time.
They thought i galavented somewhere.
See how neurotic they are.
Hello, Joline LOVES ARCHERY... why'd she go anywhere...?

I'm back with a
1. remarkably uneven tan,
2. red face,
3. aching right shoulder joint
4. bruises on my left arm.
5. two tingling right fingers. (i need a good finger tab...)


Till Then
*The Heart Sings.*

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