Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Listening to "Firm Foundation" (kinda ironic, considering recent occurrences)

May the Lord have His way in my life.
Let me not fight for what I want but follow instead His agenda.
Remind me to depend fully upon the Lord.
Let me cling onto His every word, His every will for my life.
Help me to trust You completely.

*** ***

How do you know when something that is staring in your face is part of God's plan?

Easy answer: Pray.

How do you differentiate between thoughts and God's voice?

Answer: When God speaks, you will know.

What if you don't get a response?

Answer: Er... Wait? Continue praying... i guess.

Such instances make life quite hard. When you are feeling lost and are relying on God, somehow... It seems all quiet up there.

*** ***

The collapse of Nicoll Highway came as a full shock.
No more can we go on thinking that nothing can happen to us.
Who would have thought that this would happen in good old Singapore, the highly successful island, with first class facilities. (well, mostly)
Like many have said, it is a miracle that no passenger vehicles on the highway sunk along with the highway.
Furthermore, workers who were working were "partially saved" as they were having a break during the collapse.

It is like this email i received.

It's entitled the Small Things.
I'm not sure about the reliability of the email but you can never be sure that it is lying either.

It speaks of how some people were spared death during the 9/11 attack.
For example,

1. My kid got sick so i had to bring her to the doctor
2. I tripped over a stone and twisted my ankle so i couldn't get to work on time...

That sort of thing.

It's these little "ANNOYING" things in life that may actually have spared us our lives.

I stand by the fact that nothing ever happens by chance.

*** ***

I have a very bored pet dog in my room.

He's telling me, in doggy language, to play with him.
But i am typing out a blog entry and attempting to crank out a good psychology essay.

*** ***

What is Love?
I shall go check out the Bible's definition.
And make a check list for the feelings i have.

*** ***

Apparently, one of the archers i was introduced to on sunday found me on Friendster. And he knows... Pdus! Cool.

Got to go.

Till Then.
*Will someone PLEASE sell me your compound bow?*

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