Monday, April 26, 2004


Been having a slightly quieter time.
Could be quieter. I wish it so.
I need some peace to gather myself together, quieten my mind, calm my heart and control my emotions.

*** ***

Went to the outdoor range yesterday from 1pm till 6pm. HA.

And my mom tagged along throughout the whole 5 hours. I must contragulate her on her perserverence.
Reading the papers from cover to cover in the shade but in the HEAT.

I hope NOW she believes that i can REALLY shoot for 5 hours non-stop in the heat and sun.
And it is not as if i escape somewhere to meet my secret taleban boyfriend.
*rolls eyes*

My dad and mom got to meet Simon and Clint.

My dad believes he was being sweet talked into letting me join the team.
I agree.
Buttered me up like dunno wad. Embarrassing lor.

Anyway, i did ok even with mom and Simon around. I guess i am moving on.
Not as scared as before.

Groupings were better this week than last week. Still inconsistent.
But i can safely say that when it is inconsistent, it's not horribly off. It's like, in red or blue.
State of mind and body, i suppose.

I had one bull's eye! YAY!

I started archery in march and i guess progress is not too bad. Considering i only go once a week.

I have learnt that training is everyday, cept monday.
Not 4 times per week.

My old man does NOT like that.

CRUD. I've been wondering and worrying about whether i can handle it.
I've learnt of two girls in NUS who have not decided whether to join either.

My form still sucks big time.


Then, i am suppose to call Clint to make a trip to SAFRA. ARGH.
This is a super tough decision.

LORD, help me.
My life is yours, my days are yours.
Have it YOUR way.

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