Tuesday, April 06, 2004

The compound bow wasn't suitable.

Draw length was too short.

Actually, most of the "unsuitability" can be adjusted.

The poundage was 39 pounds me thinks. I couldn't pull it past 3 inches maybe?
I was like: Freeeeaaakkk!!! *pant, pant*


I've not been told anything. Not even to call Simon.


YERSH!!! Technology is a biggy. Look at swimming.
Spending 1-2k is a lot...
Because i'm looking at it from the view of someone who doesn't have that much disposable money.
But we agree though that when you want something, you'd pay.
Not to say there's no sweat, but to us, it is well worth it.
So, what did you buy?

I'm up to my throat with school work.

So much to do.

*runs around screaming and tossing papers in the air*

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