Saturday, April 03, 2004

Pleased. *grin*

Well, well, well...

Did i say that while i was out at school on thursday, my parents were having a discussion on Jo and archery.

While talking to my dad a while ago, Simon called to tell me to come down to the range tomorrow afternoon.
Jo thinks: My Pleasure!
(you see, my official basic lessons are over. I'll be glad for any chance to go down.)

So now, i've to sign on as a member because it is against the law to own (in future) equipment without having the proper license.


He asked a previous SEA Games archer if she would like to sell her bow to me. I'm supposedly going to have to check it out tomorrow.

My dad seems ok now with the idea of me buying a bow.
I offered to pay for part of it.
We have agreed on it being 50-50.

I have been saving up for a long time... To spend it in a flash is going to hurt.
But hey.
I'm willing to spend it because i am SO sure i want it.

Usually when Jo's sure, Jo IS SURE.
Gut, Heart, Soul feeling, SURE.

Which is why, i am hardly sure about a lot of things.
Go Figure.


The worst part though, is that my MOM wants to come with me to the range tomorrow.

I am not sure if it is going to be WORSE than having Simon breathing down my neck.

One thing is for sure.
I'm going to get a lot of pressure to perform because this is going to be the first time my mom sees me shoot.
Most probably so, my performance will be reported to my dad.

I'm only 50% ok with 20-25m. (with the recurve bow)
Hopefully the lady, i think her name is Rachel, will be there so i can try her compound bow.

Better start psyching myself up already. This will be good practice then.

I will be mindful about that. I know i can trust you on it, you're a great mentor!
Thank you loads. :-)
Affirmative. The Best is Yet to Be!

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