Friday, November 28, 2003

Itty Bitties

I am in worrywort mode.
I am in worrywort mode.
I am in worrywort mode.
I am in worrywort mode.

In a why-am-I-blogging mode but I want to because I want to throw things outta my head...
out out out out out out out out out out out out.
"Out Damned Spot!"

As they say, though i THINK not the exact words, or is it? DOes it constitute "on other pastures"?
"The grass is always greener on the other side"

When I was in TMC, I longed for SIM.
Now I'm at SIM, I feel a twinge of regret.

NOW, the content of the next few paras is enough to make my own eyes roll, so... Watch it.
Then again, don't (watch it). If you get what I mean.
To anyone who's reading: to spare yourself someone else's crap, SKIP.

The regret... Why?
Ok, let's face the fact that the degree I gave up was one from Monash, a well respected and accepted university.
Whereas the Open University is a less "traditional" university.
At Monash, I could major in 2 areas,
while in SIM, I do a large module on Arts and the rest is on Psychology.
Though in SIM I can focus on Psych and read sociology for knowledge with no pressure,
Ultimately, my employers won't know that I have such knowledge because it wasn't tested on thus not on my certificate.

This is so dumb.

It's so totally nonsensical and fickle!

But anyway, I tell myself this.
As long as I do all I can, my best, and GET THE NICE LOOKING GRADES FOR MY MODULES, things in general should not be too negative.
Even if I got my Monash degree but didn't do well, what good would that do me.

Therefore, i shall focus on: Quality and less image.

I'm just going to forget the past, MOVE AHEAD on the path before me, and perform to the best of my ability.

I will obtain my Honours and on to my Masters.

Being plagued by such worrysome worries, i'm beginning to wonder if this is really God's Will, this path.

I was thinking:
Is this just the fruit of my own struggle or is it a path truly opened by God? And was the struggle against God's Will entirely? If so, then i don't think i want to go down my self constructed road.

Or maybe i'm just getting hormonal.

I hope i brought some contentment to the World today.
Or at least more $ into the uncle's pocket.

See, I've been paying the Pasar Malam at Clementi quite a number of visits already in the last few days.
Each time, i definitely buy stuff to eat. Of which were CHICKEN WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I ADORE chicken wings...
Give me nice ones and i'll be a happy dong.

Anyway, i went down today on my own and bought me 2 chicken wings.

So, happy Joline sits alone, biting slowly and sensually into each chicken wing as the world goes by in total oblivion...

(at this very point: i think a few households have become gathering places for virile young men to scream at the television set, watching 22 chaps going head over heels over a ball of a few inches in diameter)

Well, mostly it was oblivious, but i did notice people looking at me.

Be Happy. Be contented. Buy a Chicken Wing.

What's the difference between, Miss Earth, Miss World and Miss Universe?
Ok, i guess ONE difference could be the basis for selection.
Eg. Miss Earth cares for the environment while Miss Universe cares for the Universe(iow, EVERYTHING)... So it differs in scope.
-incredulous face-
I am a layman when it comes to such things. So i can't help but wonder what on Earth these pageants are for.
Being the critic of things... Shall poke at the pageants.

1. Why do we need THE EPITOME of so-called beauty and "brains" to be involved in changes in environment, society, etc. We have politicians, specialists and other normal, everyday people who are into it FULL TIME and are more devoted to taking care of such things. Sure, maybe the media NEEDS the Pweety Pweety face for endorsement but that just shows how big time shallow the media is.
2. For voyeuristic purposes
3. Spending of all that money which could have been channelled to more worthy causes....................... LIKE the CHARITIES that they profess to support or WILL support.
4. Sometimes... it just don't do the girls no good. Those who need to study the 10 year series' on "Questions that may come out on Beauty Pageants" join them pageants at their own risks and own demise.
I laugh in their faces. Ha. Ha. Ha.
5. So... Miss Earth consists of a few contestants from the "distinguished" nations? So... Miss World compells ALL nations to send a representative to take part? So... Miss Universe involves aliens from other planets in disguise to take part too? Some can look like aliens, as a matter of fact.
6. Ok, enough suaning.

Colosseum of Rome... Here i come.

Till Then.
*moans at eye bags... looks like no miss singapore pageant for me... Bleah. Heh.*

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