Monday, November 10, 2003


Feel awful, feel awful, feel awwwwwwful.

The human body is wondrous. But when it decides to come down...
Getting goosebumps, cold sweat and the like and whatnot.

Been trying to study, but it didn't quite work out.
I need a jog but the sky is as grey as feathery ashes.

Rain threatens to pour. Maybe it might actually be for the best that i go jogging in the rain. Makes me feel like jogging more.

BLogging doesn't require too much effort when the things are mundane. A better alternative to studying.

Took a few really cute pictures of my poochie, Jed. Jed=Jedi=Jedidiah
That is his real name. Of course we can't go around screaming Jed-dee-die-ah! Jeed-dee-die-ah!
If he got lost.

WE would sound blardy stupid.

I mean, he would have run 30m by the time we pronounce his full name.

When we discovered what a thief he is, a more appropriate name would be Bandit, courtesy of my sister.

The sky is awesome. It looks as if a massive blanket of smoke has descended upon Singapore. But it is the grey clouds that give it that illusion.

I love our digital cam. 4 mega pixels. Could be better but u gonna have to pay a few more hundreds?

Got a few pictures of myself whoring for the cam. Wa.! ha.ha.ha.!

I intend to put them up on a site n friendster but how do u transfer pictures? No idea.
Will need to sponge off the expertise of dad or sister.

Feel tingly sensations running through body.
Someone do something.

Music to my ears.
Intoxicating caress upon my skin.
That which spreads across my being.
Flashes of brilliance our eyes behold.

Let us put our heads down and be gloomy around you.
You are one morbid, perhaps depressing
character. Your dark mind causes you to talk
about things of the same subject. Others
may not mind your talk and
find it interesting to talk to you since death
is just a natural thing. Yes, death fascinates
you, but there is no need to keep bringing it
upon people about their own demise. You may see
life as just a phase we go through before we
die. You may even think of what your funeral
will be like. You are not a depressed person,
although that's a possibility. But yeah, you
could be an outsider and have your own strange
friends. Happy Halloween though, Bleak One.

What Halloween Figure Are You? (Fun Quiz! MANY RESULTS!)
brought to you by Quizilla

The above came as no suprise.
Kind of like the affirmation of my love affair with Death.

Just got my Psych Lab Report back.
Just a notch below that distinction.

The cold is not good for sick person.
My goosebumps are standing a metre high.

Actually, that's quite a funny picture.

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