Monday, November 17, 2003

It feels like...

HI EVERYONE!!! I LURVE INFLUXES OF MSGES! Okie, shall slowly work through 'em.

Hullo January!
Link me? WHEE! Sure, sure. :-0! Yup, check back, will be glad for drop-ins.
keke, bent on the bell curve yeah? Sounds mighty familiar... Totally understand. Did everyone else think the exam was a killer too?
Uhm, i've not been in (slaving in) the Monash system long enough to know the system or maybe because the proximity of me and Monash is a few thousand kilometres so i really have no idea.
Unless i think u mean grading as in the percentages for assignments and exam?
I've had 4 assignments and the exam that's 50% percent of the total grade.
SIM doesn't have it's own Psych degree. The degree comes from the Open University, UK.
AND yeah!!!!!!!! Will be leaving TMC. I mean, the people are awfully nice and all, but i think the environment is not for me and the course isn't precisely what i wanted.
Though i think doing sociology is a mighty good subject to study, BUT NOT TO BE TESTED ON.
Btw, hope u don't mind if i link you too.

Yes..I'll be going to SIM so once you've completed yOur DIp.... we shall be reunited... But only if i get to do my Honours then i'll be staying for the 4th year and so i'll see u guys then.
It'll be so fun. But then my classes wil be at entirely different times maybe.
But who cares.. we'd be trudging around the same territory.
Hahaha... You know, i can FEEL the EXCESS weight can. Grimey.

My lovely gurl!
Yes... i am so happy about the SIM. So enough about that..
Hari Raya prep??? Why would your butt hurt? Oh okay... the making of stuff is it?
Hee.... all the best in whatever you're doing... Have a great Hari Raya dear pal!

Salutations Alwyn...
Okie, my email address is, pony(underscore)curtis(at)hotmail(dot)com
Did that because i recall you mentioning about computers picking up on emails... Hm...
When you mentioned purple shoes, i was mentally frantically trying to find the "demented" person with purple shoes... The only person who could come close to coloured shoes is this girl, but i won't mention her name. not nice, not nice. But man... her shoes were wonky!
Hm, hm.
Guess i can't really judge much about the level of demetia because i didn't know you personally then in acjc. But ya sure sound steadfast about that fact!
Talking about oddball. You know i wanted to run for council? (-guffaw-) but i knew that people in acjc probably don't accept weirdos like Yours Truly. The culture.... Mm.
Thanks, AND YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Whoopee. :-0!
I entirely agree with you about the drunken stupor and cool mumbo jumbo. They probably think that the prospect of the capacity to hold alcohol is cool, hip and adultish. But then the drinking goes overboard and slips into drunkeness.
It's a consumerist society.
Ultimately, the body gets damaged and there goes the "cool" kid... Down down down...

I miss ya TOO! Well, at LEAST you've SET up a site where to some degree we can still assess whether you are still alive. You know you have very concerned friends?
Didn't know u were SO talented at html... Maybe you can help me. Ha, this blogskin is UGLY as slosh but i have to make do till i can do something about it.
Are u going to work there for life or...?
Oh, i will reply your email soon.

Ho Liangcai!
Whee heehee.
Thanks for the congrats... Wuh, u know me well enough huh? Yurh, am a worrywort. Shoot. Why did i have to take after my mom?
Well, to date... i've not begun a new worry cycle YET.
Hey, if no one else appreciates The Matrix and my sister is too tied down, think i could drag u out to watch it with me...?

Okie, down to blogging the stuff that happened:

1. I just got news that a friend got hospitalized for viral pneumonia (NOT SARS) and muscle spasms... Gads. I feel so bad for him. Inflicted with 2 health problems at a time? Not good.
However, it's good to hear though that he's recovering but that lung thingy doesn't sound too good to me.
For those who know i'd hate to drown, guess u may have deduced that i take breathing very seriously.

2. I've had a hair cut and i like it. Wondering if i should keep it short for EVER.

3. Wish i had more $.

Pirates of the Caribbean!

What movie Do you Belong in?(many different outcomes!)
brought to you by Quizilla

5. I love Star Wars. I used to watch "Return of the Jedi" OVer and Over in Primary School.
Oh, and did i mention that i loved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?
And erm... my long time fav is erm...
Don't LAUGH, is My Little Pony. -hides face behind keyboard-

6. I remember i had so much to say!
I do admit though i'm not all that enthu about taking out that piece of paper with scribbles...
OK. I promise that the next time i am sufficiently mentally active, then i shall delve into the scribbles.

7. Thirsty.

8. There's justice in the world.
Went to holland village today and entered the pet shop.
I noticed a couple there. Ok, i'm going to be speaking honestly.
The girl... well, she isn't ugly, in fact she has the sort of face that guys like. But she's bigger than me, (thats says quite a lot you know) and is... quite the robust (not precisely busty, you do understand) lady, and her boyfriend is.... Oh man. Her boyfriend.
Was trying not to stare.
If i did, i'd be getting HER stare.
He's nicely tanned and rather on the leaner/skinnier side. But he's SO good looking? And has this awfully CUTE smile........................!!! His cheek bones and tan highlight his well chiselled face when he smiles.
Maybe i still have hope.
But i guess, the above is one of my rantings laced with self pity.

9. I've decided some time ago never to make the mistake of liking sweet talkers. (never... never again)
I also made another decision some time ago, but i shan't mention it as people read this blog and may misunderstand me.

10. When i'm happy, i usually talk nonsense. But when i'm sad... I tend to think and think and blog things that mean something to me. But i can't be sad all my life. Duh. :-P
But then... no interesting thoughts to ponder about.
Whoopee, am rambling again. Joline's had enough.

I love you all.

Till Then.
*Bursts into song and dances away*

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