Sunday, November 23, 2003

Scribbles' Wait is Over

Working Life

To think that i am a mere 4 years (i take it to be as such because i am psychoing meself to get my honours) away from working life is something that i am both raring to get at as well as chewing my nails over.

To date, i think i'm still very much the kid and i have lots more to learn about. Many people my age have grown to be very independent and self reliant whereas i feel as i'm choking on my mom's apron strings.

For one, i need to be more confident and street smart. Life with too much protection made me too much of an obedient kid to the point of being detrimental.
Basically, i'm scared of the big bad world.
Yeah, so it's strange that this fella wants a go at being a cop. <*-*>
But i'm seeing it as a way for me to be forced out of thy comfort zone and bite the bullet.

Then again, i may be more than 4 years away. Hm, yes. Actually, am aiming for Masters.

ANYWAY. Yes, as i was saying.

I can't really imagine myself being an ADULT, so to speak.
With working life and adulthood comes a whole barrage and array of responsibilities.
One thing that i feel that features a lot in adulthood is the Finances bit.

GADS, and that's the one thing i hate to sit through to know about though it is of paramount importance.

1. Investments
2. Savings for future things like housing, family and children and education, old age...etc
3. Convenience stuff like a car.
4. Insurance
5. Helping to pay loans
List pretty much goes on.


I long for the taste of adulthood and the knowledge that my life is but one.
That the only PERSON who is responsible for me--is me.
The thought seems a lonely one come to think of it.
Sooner of later, bloodkin will fade.
And you'll be alone.

On the other hand, i can't fathom the ceasing of being the kid.
You know, everything comes easy and i'm sufficiently supported.
Just mug.

Our "Multi-National" Home

This came as a thought while studying for the exams.
As usual, any thoughts other then mugging-worth would come.

Our house has seen:
1. China Nurses
2. A Chinese lady and her 3 Chinese-Afro-American sons (her husband is Afro-American)
3. Two pastors--> One Mongolian and one Korean
4. Filipinos

Can't remember if we've had more.
But it is really cool having people from different parts of the world come to our home.
It's not everyday that people like me meet others who're from so far away!

The 2 pastors came to our home to stay a while, for some reason or other. They were nice to have around although i personally hardly spoke to them.

Brought them out for dinner and such and introduced them to seafood.
Apparently, the Mongolian pastor, whose name is pronounced as "Mai-de", has never seen prawns before because if not wrong, i think Mongolia is way way way inland.

Gave them Durians to try too. HAHHAA.......
Mai-de didn't SEEM to have problems while Pastor Huang (the Korean) made an awful face.
(Ngah hahahhaha!!!!!!!!!!!!)

How pleasant.
Fun for us, because we kids get to go out and eat, eat, eat!

So nonsensical that i can stay away from blogging on free and normal days, while i can't during the exams.
Such is me.

Just added a new friend! Dayana.
Aye girl, add photos or put up a tagboard or commentary???

Yum, Aussie made chocolate is Yummaliciously Gurrumelifiously Smackapacka.

Season = Autumn
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Well done... You're the shy and sensitive season :)

?? Which Season Are You ??
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Rear suspension spring...
Hm, i wonder how it works?
Heh, yeah, Betty has many waiting suitors. (",)
She's so down to Earth and has no airs about her even though she's got great genes!
Me good friend. Whhee!

My eyes are tired, meknows. The screen is hopping up and down and i keep wishing it was because someone dropped me an sms.

Till then.
*smiles broadly, salutes and fizzles away*

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