Friday, November 14, 2003

~~~i!GOD POWER!i~~~

There's only one word for the day.

"UNSPEAKABLY" - ______________________ (fill in the blank)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THANK GOD~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I wasn't sure I was going to SIM-OUC. This was due to the fact that I couldn't be assured of membership into the Singapore Psychological Society. That bothered me and my dad endlessly.

But all's well, all's swell.

And I have no one else to thank but GOD.
I thank him from the very deepest recesses of my being, my soul, my mind, my computer, my ALL.

I won't prattle about the details.
All i'll say is that everything suited me PERFECTLY, except that I needed to know if the Singapore Psychological Society would accept me for membership.
What's the point of doing a degree that would waste my finances and time if it was not recognized in the first place?

So i had set about emailing just about the whole world. (ok, an overstatement but it sure felt that way)
Was entirely sick of the word "accreditation".
I emailed the layman at SIM, who couldn't help me much for lack of knowledge, THREE to FOUR times? (can't remember) But whatever the case, she didn't reply to my last one. I must've pissed her off some.
But hey, if you really want something, you have to GAN GAN go and ask and FIND OUT.

It was so tiring to wait for emails from people from over the world and hang in limbo as to where my destination lies.
I was under so much stress. Like a churning, messy, noisy, turmoil in my head that doesn't go away.
Nags at me every few hours, every day.

For the last month or so.

I prayed so hard for the place at SIM. I got it. It's perfect for me. Except for the SPS's acceptance. And I thank GOD.
After all the stress and disappointments, it all paid off and I thank GOD for not letting me give up. And for not letting me down...

Oh, anyway. The whole point of the above is that, FINALLY...

I have to keep reading the email from Psych Dr Graeme Cane, from SIM, OVER and OVER just to convince myself that it's finally over and I can go ahead with my aspirations.


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Did i cheat?

My concentration span is pathetic.

Last night, i decided to watch a little telly at night by meself.
Did it feel weird or something.
I've not done something like that for ages!
And i just couldn't watch sit down and watch a show mid-way.
I thought about it and found that unless i know its interesting or if i know what its about, then i'll skip it.
Ended up channel surfing until i reached "Mind Your Language".
At that point, my mom had already came by and told me not to change the channel.
Old Show, it is, mate.

Hum hum.
All i have to hope for now is whether i can be shortlisted for the scholarship.
If i do, i have to go for the interview.
Wonder what kind of things they will be asking... -curious wide eyed gawp-
If they begin asking me anything to do with current affairs (that's just a potshot), i'll be stumped for sure.
Not been having enough newspaper reading due to terrible time management.
And because of poor attention and concentration, politics is something like a transient topic in my head.
Sociology has quite some politics. Glad for the experience of doing sociology for one semester.

This is awful.
I've stopped my free weights for a while.
The rest can be left unsaid.

Wanted to go to Holland Village... But its drizzling and the downpour has yet to begin.
Then again.... i love RAIN!
But not when i'm trying to explore Holland V.
Have not trudged around that place for so long that the last time i "visited" for a few minutes i saw nice holes-in-walls i intend to explore and poke my head around in.

Want to go to library to get bound processed dead trees too.
To keep me occupied.
When the idiot box miraculously can't.

Hullo! Thanks girl.
Yeah, i ain't gonna go mopin'. Anyway, at least i have had a taste of what its like and do better the next time round.
Gosh, you know, i'm gonna miss you guys a lot!
Went out with Hemma and we talked so long, the sun was getting hot on us through the glass ceiling at Starbucks.

Right you are.
Heh, but that doesn't explain the rest of my oddball behaviour...
Haha.. partying in the "conventional" way is not really in joline's capabilities.
Will probably do some quiet partying.
In my head...
Yeah man, ACJC... messed up days. I remember that chemistry ranking list on the notice board.

Uh. Tired. Zonked.

-may be continued-

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