Wednesday, November 05, 2003


Mundane is the way to go.

AM escaping from STATS at the moment. Psychology is nothing without stats.

I lost me last post due to either,
1. my comps's usual stunts,
2. Blogger, you...$##^%&(*.

Anyway. Escapism. For the time being...

Hello Cher! Salutations...
Thanks for the compliments. :-) It's not often that i get people dropping by to read and leaving messages too. (i delight in messages)


Interesting? Perhaps a good summary would that these are insights into a messy mind.
I dropped by your site. Very pretty place!
Thought of doing something of the like.
Problem: I'm a self-professed technophobe of sorts. If the pressing technical problem demands attention, i'll face it. Should it not... i prefer not to tamper with the nitty gritty computer mumbo jumbo.
Unless............... Unless.................. I feel an urge just a little too strong for me to ignore.
You DONCH like Psychology???
I'd gladly do it for the World...
By the way, because of the study of social psych, i've learnt quite a few of thee salesman tactics!

Water Goddess
Water Goddess. You like peace and serenity and are
usually content with life.

What element would you rein over? (For Girls)
brought to you by Quizilla

Ah good. This time it works.
I'd sooner blog all you heads.

-heaves a lot of air- aka, -SIGH-
I'm hungry.
Noisy stomach.

Thank God for JC Stats!
If not for it, i don't know how i would cope with the huge influx of statistical info for Psych.
I assimilate concepts somewhat slower because i tend to question too much about the whys and wherefors/wherefores(?).

Which can sometimes be nonsensical.

My secondary math teacher always faced a barrage of questions after and during her lesson because i just don't accept the facts until i can picture and totally understand the concept.

Something new i learnt are the t-tests. Never done it in JC before. It's challenge to learn it in a rush.

I love using the formulas. But i detest reading ABOUT stats.
Such is the life.

Should i die.

I don't want to drown.

As i sit at my study table, the thought of Death just came.

Death is a very frequent visitor in my mind.

He hops in to give me cookies to think about.
Waves and disappears.

No, i don't contemplate suicide.

AS of previous entries, i did mention Death intrigues me.

When i die, i don't want to drown. Give me lead to my heart anyday.

I was picturing drowning, feeling like i was drowning.

I fight to survive. And so I live.
As I live, I still exist to feel pain.
As i continue to struggle, i feel the pain of not breathing the air my murderers breathe.
The Pain.
Struggle more.
Soon, I take in water into my lungs.
More Pain.
And so my systems fails from lack of oxygen.
And then,
I die.

It's a vicious cycle at the beginning.

You struggle to survive. So you do and so continue to feel pain.
It's like fighting to feel pain.
Because i still exist, i feel.
Struggle for Life. Pain. Struggle for Life. Pain.

Let Go?

Imagine the water filling your system. And the choking. No air. No choice.

May blog later. Hm.

Till Then.
*slinks back to Statistics textbook*

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