Wednesday, November 05, 2003


(Cher, if you're reading, i left ya something. take a peek at previous entry)


Check out the weather.

I'm a very weather person.

I'm into rain and shine.. whatever. Gimme HAIL!

The sky looks threatening ("hey! who ja think you're lookin' at???") and the wind is blowing in cold cold gusts through my open window.

Very apt that "Riverdance" is blasting from my radio. (for a moment there, i forgot how to spell "radio")

"Riverdance" is a very spirited piece. Powerful, Driving, Forceful, and i don't understand how my dog can lie on my bed right in front of the radio and fall asleep with the music blasting away.

(the adorable thing... my heart melts for thee)

Hm. Just a random thought.
Remember not long ago, David Beckham had this funky hairdo called the "Beckham Fin"?
Yeah, and it was the rage. Guys who could afford some form of hair holding gunk and weren't too shy to try new things, tried it.
Well done or not.

Well. Lately, Beckham has been seen sporting this new hairdo. What looks like "Two Ponytails that Don't Meet"
And i am amused that no guy i've seen so far has it proudly adorned this on his head.

DUh. I don't have to ask why it is so, that the trend isn't picking up. -lol-

Also to my amusement, i'm sporting his new hairdo at the moment.
Nay, i ain't no fan.
Just trying to keep my hair outta mua face. It's too short for a ponytail.

Hello Alwyn!
Heh. You're right.
That's awful true. I can vouch that she was repeating that over and over in her head. In fact, i think she did tell me:
1. Aiya, stop thinking so much lah. Why must you think so complicated?
2. Aiya, don't ask so many questions

How does one learn without asking? Well. I got my As for both maths so she should learn... What's a teacher if she doesn't teach to make her students understand?
Why then should she be called a teacher? A teacher that doesn't teach.
That's nice. :-P

Hello Huimin...
I'll miss you guys too. Really. I wasn't sure i'd find people i could yak with but i did. You guys made life bearable there.
A tribute to you guys.


Uhm... about the "not liking people..." bit. Since a long time ago, (mentioned in a previous entries)
I didn't particularly quite appreciate people. From there, i sort of shrunk inside myself and became somewhat introverted. This was because of certain experiences and my sensitive self.

But i guess the person you see now, (mad, loud, wonky) is someone who's trying to get out from the shell and heal from past wounds.

We're going to pick my mom from the Airport later tonight. She was having a ball of a time at Perth with her sisters.
HM. Because she missed her birthday with us, we're gonna suprise her with later with the cake.

I walked home with the cake, a red red rose and my own stuff. Not an easy feat. Especially when the cake is a good one from "Secret Recipe". Chocolate banana!!!

When i bought the rose....

First Thoughts: "My pweetty, Pweettyyy Rooosssseee........."
IN SMEEGAL'S (the ugly but cool fella, or ex-hobbit, from Lord of the Rings) VOice.

The rose wadn't no dead lookin' trash. It was blood red, and on the verge of opening up. SO pretty.

Maybe i should buy myself roses.
Single roses.

They look so sweet and gazing at it made me smile. :-)

It reminds me of the song about how Jesus was Thee Beautiful Rose that nobody wanted around.

Above all power
Above of Kings
Above all Nature
And all created Things
Above all wealth
And Treasures of thee Earth
Laid behind the stone.
You lived, to Die
Rejected and Alone
Like a Rose,
Trampled on the ground
You took the fall
And thought of me
Above All.

Something like that. Can't really remember the words exactly.

Whao. This's enough.

Till Then.
*gingerly opens Stats book to read about correlation"

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