Friday, December 05, 2003

And All Seems Well...

I'VE GOTTEN MY RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I couldn't have done it without God. Never in my own strength but in His.

Ok, my grades aren't as spectacular as most might expect.

What makes me happy, is that i hit my target and that's all i ask for.
When i put an amount of effort into something, i would expect the results to show it.

I got a...
C (Credit) for Sociology:
Something that is somewhat an achievement for me as i was never really much good at GP essays nor am i that eloquent and expressive with words. I put things very simply, in simple english without trying to sound arty farty, and i don't write "like a (blah)-logist".
In my opinion, reading some references i had to, it seems like blah-logists are merely talking/rambling to themselves as they write. Could hardly grasp their point. I wonder why people are so impressed with that and say "wah, cheem cheem", when they really can write it simply. For the benefit of everyone.
HA, maybe i'm just a sour grape because i don't possess their level of dexterity.

D (Distinction) for Psychology:
Gads... I was pretty upset as most will know, after the paper. It screwed my mood some.
But lookie!!!
Oh, Thank the Lord.
Not sure about you guys, but sometimes, have you ever came to a point when you want to thank God so much that suddenly, you find that words are so meaningless and insufficient to convey how much you want to say?
It doesn't happen only when a good thing happens.
But it happens also when you think and REALIZE how great our God is.
WHO he is. And not just what he has done.
I'm so glad God can see right through me and understand my heart's, souls's and spirit's language.

I do admit that along the way, there had been distractions of all sorts and i was fooling around a little more than i should be.
But when i mugged, i mugged.
But i could have mugged more.

Hi January!!!
Thanks for the bit there about them majors. Got me worrying to no end. Was worrying because i thought that for employers to first even bother to consider me, i'd need a reasonably good looking certificate as i've not much of working experience save the 5 months at The Bodyshop. (ha.)
OH YEAH. i keep forgetting about answering your question on what would a credit, distinction, etc be in Monash.
As far as i know, i think it is like this: (not sure if it applies to both Socio and Psych, but i have a good feeling it does)

High Distinction: 80-100
Distinction: 70-79
Credit: 60-69
N: 0-49

Does Melbourne Uni have something similar?

I finally got to watch The Matrix Revolutions.


Ah ok. I couldn't continue without saying the above's name first. i have loved him since i was born.
I've got a 2 page... erm... picture "gallery"... -cough-

Well, as someone highly used to satisfying movies, Revolutions didn't quite quench my thirst for the "right" kind of end.
But kudos to the Wachowski Brothers who created The Matrix saga, chucking in tons of information, underlying meanings and philosophy without explicitly drawing a picture at the end to create that "right" end, i admit, would've liked.


I recommend this site, for people interested to read more about and hopefully find answers to your questions regarding the movie. It's got suggestions as to what it could have meant here and there. Read slowly.

But man... Keanu was in the movie only 35-40% of the time. That be so odd.

For now, i shall be looking forward to Lord of the Rings.
Considering going for the trilogy marathon, if there's one.

Hey Alwyn!
Ha, thanks for the views on the brighter side of things.
Ah hah, have not bought an Epson or Xerox printer yet... That probably describes the reason why i've not discovered those gems.
Oh, i forgot. Your imitation of dear Mr Khor sure got me laughing though it's a well known fact that he speaks like that.
WEll... i guess for my first job and hopefully, i won't be job hopping or anything.. but yeah, i'm gonna have to somewhat rely on their(employers, aka SPF) acceptance first. Need dough mate!
Oh, i'm not going to Rome... Though that'd be a real special experience! But i think it's so -wow- that studying the amphitheatre of Rome, the Colosseum, could be part of my study in my first module in SIM. We get to do philosophy, music, poetry, art and other stuff i can't remember... WHee hoo!


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