Saturday, November 08, 2003




This is what happened. It kinda made my day but spoilt it at the same time.

See. My cousins' god brother came back to Singapore after like 7 years so he can do his National Service or National Slavery, if you like.

Let's call him ,"B".

Yeah so anyway. I RARELY EVER EVER see him let alone talk to him.

But history first. B is my childhood friend from primary school since P5 or P6, maybe younger. Known each other since then from church and because of my cousins.
So, now and then B would come back to Singapore for whatever whatnot.

The last time i caught a glimpse of him was... some few YEARS back.

So you're thinking, why are you raving anyway?

Well, put very simply, we had something between us but nothing really happened. (@$%$^&^*)

Uh huh.

So i was at church just now and it so happens that he's back for NS. Walked by him once and he didn't notice me and i didn't dare to say hi.

Uh yuh... I mentally brutally kicked myself.

But , THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

He walked out again from church and so i told myself: You're going to regret this forever if you don't say HI!

So i walked up to him and yelled: (BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!) <-- his name

And so i say: Hey, do u remember me...?

And so the conversation goes.

Gads... i never realized i missed him this much!
Ha, he apologized for not being around for Monkey years.

Guess i don't know how i feel about him anymore since time changes people or rather, people can change with time. He seems different, and somewhat slightly more distant...?


B.... What happened to you mate...


This so made my day but also spoilt it, because i know he won't be around much longer and i also hardly see him. I really missed him!

I am so hoping that something miraculous will happen.
Ok, maybe i sound desperate.

But who cares... A girl's gotta have some hope.

As i walked home just now in the darkness of the night, I looked up to find that the moon is in her full glory and i mean FULL.

She's bright as ever. The outline of the circular moon cuts so clearly against the sky that seems a little sparse after the downpour.
She's absolutely gorgeous. I can even see the gray patches on her. The thought about seeing something on the moon with my naked eye from Earth is nice.

Awh yeah...

If people would only look up and appreciate the world.

OH YES. Speaking about that.

CAn't remember if i've said this. But as i was walking to school, I looked to the sky to gaze at her beauty.
And then what did i see?

I saw this huge bird (i know it's huge because it was flying WAY up in the sky and it still looked monstrous) soaring and circling.

And i walked across the road while still gazing at it.

I took peeks at people around me to see if anyone else noticed it. Far as i saw, no one did.

If only people would just stop hurrying and slow down.
If only people would just stop and enjoy the beauty of the world even though they're in the middle of the city.
If only people would just stop and smell the roses... Only that this rose was soaring above us all.

It was like finding peace right where i was.
On a road, in the middle of a busy district, surrounded by people who are busy caring about crossing the road even though the green man was on.

Ok, maybe i'm more careless with my life then other people.

But it was like seeing God's creation, that represented sich beauty and peace that one can find comfort in.
It was astounding.

But i guess i'm glad.
But i'm being very selfish.
Selfish selfish selfish.
But it felt so good.
It was like it was all mine to enjoy alone.

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Till Then
*Sigh, B, hope we can meet up soon*

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