Monday, March 20, 2006

Watching movies can have a profound effect on me. Some movies have this ability to mess with both my mind and heart, though i wouldn't go so far as to say that those are confirm-guarantee-chop good movies. It's subjective to personal taste after all.

But a few of these movies that have moved me to tears, wowed me, or have disturbed me for hours on end even after it has long ended include: "Hotel Rwanda", "Artificial Intelligence", "The Lord of the Rings Trilogy", "Star Wars", "The Matrix Trilogy" and this other one based on a book by Rudyard Kipling. A pity i don't remember the title.

When was the last time you enjoyed every second watching a movie in the darkened theatre, only to walk out feeling as though you wish you could relive the experience again? I'm not talking about reliving the experience of being IN THE THEATRE watching a movie, but i'm talking more with reference to reliving the STORY OF THE MOVIE.

Yesterday, i watched the Chronicles of Narnia again. I watched it the first time around with my Gem before and i wasn't too wowed mainly because i'm too used to superb visual effects (CGI whore), blood and gore, which the movie didn't match up with compared with well... LOTR. The big screen kind of emphasized the bits where it was lacking so was therefore led and distracted away by my technical judging. Tsk, it's a children's movie jo me dah-ling, don't wanna scare the li-ehl kiddles, do we?

This time, i watched it with my two folks at home on DVD, and i think while my dad was enthralled by it, my mom went off to Lala Land instead. Perhaps the land of Narnia wasn't good enough, i think. 8-P

But this time, the movie left me nothing short of breathless. When the credits rolled, when the Professor told Lucy that Narnia will only return when she isn't looking, when the curtains of our living room were drawn back to allow sunlight to flood the room once more, i felt this ugly and traumatic sense of detachment. How i longed to return once more to Narnia!

I'm sure that we all know by now that it's a story of how Jesus Christ gave his life for us when he was a man on Earth.
The symbolism used in the movie was telling enough: The Majesty of Aslan (Jesus) who did what he did out of pure love, the use of children (We, his children on Earth) to aid in the winning of a battle against the White Witch (Satan, disguised in pure, innocent beauty).

It was almost depressing to step back from the fantasy world, back into reality, to normalcy of... Earth. I felt so, transported away from the place where you cheer the heroes on, where animals talked freely and er... animatedly, away from feeling the triumph, pain and hope of the characters. Coming away from Narnia was as if my world just crashed.


Ah, but then i realized this. This so called fantasy land does exist. It's not called "Narnia" and fauns don't appear, birds don't go "PSST!" and beavers aren't humourous. But guess what, Earth IS Narnia. Yes, i repeat, EARTH=NARNIA.

We are living in a world where Satan has some control and we're also living in the same world that saw the life and death of Christ. Jesus wasn't a lion but in a similar light, he was every bit the man of God's wisdom, filled with the love for others, and beautiful because of his character. In a parallel with Aslan, he is also the same in majesty and power. He is God who lives yesterday, today and forever.

It's no fairytale, it is no "story". If you like, his death and resurrection is that so called "Deep Magic" like in the movie, akin to the world's "Supernatural, and Spiritual".

Remember how 4 simple children became royalty?

As it is said, though we're living in a time when the evil one has dominion, we're not to be destroyed. "Winter" will come to an end, and as obedient Christians follow wholly after the Father, we will one day be with Him as His heirs, His children. Royalty. Weird and crazy as it sounds, yes.
Believe it- The world WILL end, judgement WILL come, and i believe, it is coming much sooner than we think.


weirong said...

Yes, as PastorG related during his sermon, we live in a time where we have to wary of "turkish delights"
that the enemy uses to lure us away from what is righteous.

May we stand firm in God's promises as long as we live :o)


O, I must inform u that when i msg-ed u tt i "was wondering if u'd step into yr Wardrobe n found a Lion-friend n forgot abt sch" earlier this evening, i hadn't read this post yet!

(o.0) telepartee at play? (^^)

joline said...


I realize that this "turkish delight" can come in the form of our already existing vices. Things that need not appear in front of us as novel objects/issues to tempt us, but it may be something we've always been struggling with. Subtle and hidden cleverly. So we need to be wary of how "turkish delight" is being presented.

ARGH! REALLY?! I had really thought that you had read this post already... Gosh. How uncanny is all this! We NEED to make a record of all our telepathic moments. Weird, i say. Weird. :-DDD

What on Earth made you talk about Lions anyway?

weirong said...

*chuckle* i dunno.. (o.-)
i guess it was just tt i noticed it was almost time for u to go to sch but u were still on "busy"-MSN status.. so i tot u were either exploring things in your kitchen(erm, kitchen cabinet :p) or got absorbed into a place like Narnia (^^) hoho..


hmm.. think we can keep together a "Book of Coincidences".. 1st entry will be "Date/time: somewhere early 2001(March?);afternoon , Place:VCH steps XDXDXD)

joline said...


HA.HA. Only you would think of that! :-)

Oh yeah! We have that DHL book thingy, which i've not dropped a single molecule of ink upon. We could use that.

Eh... Sounds so lomantik lah... Heh heh heh.