Friday, March 17, 2006

phototrip with the new addition to the techie family

Ello there. I'm done with that essay and it's onto the next 2 projects after my declared one-day-of-total-relaxation. It's back to the grind again, cos hey, I'm not going to procrastinate again and in doing so, slaughter my health. Nuh uh.

Took our new techie baby out today, but i didn't do much snapping because i'm lacking in the see-something-beautiful-in-a-frame kind of inspiration, as well as being a tad self conscious. Gah. Dad got our newest addition for free from his company, and i'm currently the one who's making good use of it, tra lala, yeay!

(new techie baby= Casio Exilim S600)

In the lift, taken with fumbly hands before reaching my floor.

Uhm... Greenery would be nice. *jo stands under tree, tilts camera and head right up* Snap!
(i've always wondered how to enhance the colours of photos)
(in school) Yes, it's inverted 180 degrees.

Oh, and meet Antonio, my heart rate monitor and personal trainer. I lub you. 8-)


Anonymous said...

how much did tat heart monitor cost u? hurhur

joline said...


Paid a price of $167.87 after a 30% discount. Which was weird because I was only suppose to get 15% off. :-DDDDD So far, i'm enjoying my exercise sessions more than before because now i know what my physiological body is going through rather than having to guess.