Tuesday, March 14, 2006

For someone who shoots off her mouth a bit like a certain Class 95 DJ on the Morning Express, i marvel at how i'm still able to get along peacefully with people most of the time. Which is why at times when those few friction moments come, i totally FREAK because i'm not used to handling it.
Or are people around me just too nice to say anything to my face? Or, are they afraid that if they did, i'd morph into a flame spewing dragon and turn them into barbeque?

I ask myself this from time to time: Is all that i'm going through a hallucination? In that i choose to believe what i think is true because of me being bounded by my perceptions, when actually, things are purely quite the contrary to my beliefs.

Sometimes i reflect upon certain moments when i have made statements and realize that if the person didn't know any better, taken at face value, my statements can come across as being pretty tactless. But more often than not, i've no malicious intents, but it's just me being flatly honest and objective, all borne out of just wanting to help.


I want very much to go for the talk in church tonight, but this essay... *heaves a sigh* Had to make a few cancellations and adjustments to my schedule and i feel downright bad about them, but i promise that it's not going to take me away from the people who matter to me.

Back to essay.


Dominic said...

I sometimes feel how you feel. That you somehow have to sugar-coat your words before it leaves your mouth. Else, people will get the wrong impression of you and start misunderstanding things.

Still, they say, "Only true friends can take the truth." So what do you do if you let everything out frankly and the person breaks down? Your fault or his? But...but...you were just being honest, right?

Sometimes we just gotta watch what we say. Do your best, and God will handle the rest.

Hai...so hard being human...

joline said...


Wahahahhaha, oh man, EXACTLY my sentiments. It is hard being human! I marvel at how some people can be so genuinely charismatic, oozing some kind of glowy charm, and for dunno what unfathomable reason, one hardly finds fault in them. Such likeable people.

lakeside girl said...

Babe, all the best man! A Essential Brews' treat is waiting for u. DON'T FLY KITE!!!!

*grumbles grumbles*

joline said...

green apple:

what have i done to deserve anything eh? *clueless blur gong face*