Wednesday, March 08, 2006

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me."

This quote is probably one of the biggest lies ever told.


It's one of those days again, when i feel like doing nothing else but lie down on my bed to drift off into a land where nothing is for real, for the entire, ENTIRE day. I'm pressed for time with my work and so it does not help that i've got a deadline next week, i take two weeks to finish an essay and i've not.even.begun.

"I honestly felt subhuman, lower than the lowest vermin... I could not understand why anyone would want to associate with me, let alone love me... (...) I must've conned a lot of people."

(- by Norman Endler, a respected psychologist who talks about his experience of depression. Taken from Peter Gray, "Psychology")

Scary. I wrote out some stuff to get a weight off my chest and i found that i can identify my current state with what he's saying. Depression. NO, i'm not suffering from it, but i'm just feeling depressed. Not the type that warrants a doctor's visit, thank God.

Like what my friend's msn nick says... Need a holiday from the world. I'm so jealous of Jed who's lying blissfully asleep embedded in my squishy bean bag.

American psychology textbooks are so much easier to read, but may not be as introspective as the British textbooks that i've got.
Ok, got to get out from this rut.

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