Saturday, March 04, 2006

Boliao-ness is Me

Upon reading a post that i've stashed aside for a while but still think it's incomplete, i've decided to let on an email that my daddy sent me instead. *giggle, giggle* goes joline. She was amused, but doesn't know who to credit for the little mirth that the email's content brought her.

Sometimes, i beg to differ. Men can be complicated, but they can also be well, er, pretty understandable. (argh! P.C.! P.C.!) So, well that pretty much sums them up. Men are complicated and understandable only because... Women are complicated. Is that right? Don't know. What do ya'll Men think of one another? Discuss.

Gem likes to shop too leh. But then again, i've not totally tried and tested his threshold of tolerance yet with respect to "shopping with mua". *smirk* I remember supermarket stints before though. Passed with flying colours.

We're having it so peaceful that arguments aren't exactly part of our vocabulary. Er, yet. Thank GOD.

I likes zis vun. Peviod. (i think it's a little too tiny to read so, click to enlarge! It's a good one.)


Dominic said... interesting...actually i've received these in my inbox long ago.

and the go to gap to buy a pair of true, how true...


joline said...


Teeheehee, it's been a long time coming it seems... ;-P
It's refreshing to see the stuff that people come up with to poke fun at the general truths of the female species. Haha, the way God has created His people... Amusing.

mimosa said...

darn funny.. and the war of the genders go on.. :)

Anonymous said...

hehe hehe. tat chemical fact sheet is hilarious.

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Anonymous said...

tats why pple with low saliva flow or vicous saliva are more likely to have tooth decay. and it is very important to brush at night. for decay to occur, 3 factors must be present long enough. they are a susceptible tooth, bacteria and a diet rich in fermentable carbohydrates. take away one factor and decay is unlikely.i could go on and on...but spare u the details la

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joline said...


Ha, yeah. Someone somewhere has to dig up the dirt on one of the sexes. Imagine if we were all made the same. How boring!


Alamak. Why your school only cater to those few animals??? :-P

Hey, actually i find that most informative... And so I learn something new today. ;-DDDD