Thursday, March 09, 2006

"... the Lord directed me to include in the book the name of a high school student shot during the Columbine High School shootings in Colorado. Her name is Rachel. "Rachel was chosen for End-Time use, " He said, "and she was chosen before she was born. Through her, I plan to touch millions of souls, both young and old."

"... Too often people blame every bad thing that happens on Satan. If Rachel's death were Satan's will, My name would never have been brought up before she died. Satan has no power over My People if I don't allow him to.

Each life has a special purpose in this world. That is why I have used some people in special ways. So, don't think that because someone is a faithful Christian that they will live long and perfect lives on Earth. If I have to take one life in order to save another, I will do so."

As I said before, I will have to take many lives before I return. Among them will be many Christians. Salvation is that important to Me (God). But always remember that I never want to see anyone perish."" (i believe 'perish' here = not going to Heaven.)

("me" refers to the author, and "I" refers to God.)

(by Choo Thomas, "Heaven is so Real!", page 191-192)

As you can tell, I ran a check on it and my understanding of events has indeed been enlightened. I read on about how Rachel's death ignited a flurry of awareness of the lack of morality, the all too real issues of social cliques, the desire to be included and the damaging influence of certain forms of media. Rachel's death is also the subject of books that have been written to help others. I googled her name and dropped in on a website, that i assume is set up by her family members. It's amazing how so much love and kindness is being extended out to people through the tragedy.

In addition, was the reviewing of safety measures in schools and the tactics with which to respond to such shootings. It was emotionally distressing to read the blow by blow account of how the two boys went on a shooting rampage but one can see, that everything happens for a reason. Tsunami, earthquakes, etc. All these, happen for a reason.

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