Tuesday, March 21, 2006


1. You want to help so-and-so, but you... Cannot do anything except ask for divine help.

2. I get my doses of cuteness from CuteOverload on a daily basis to execute squeals of excitement, ear-to-ear grins, to live through high blood pressure, to get cerebral convulsions and head explosions. Picking up the pieces of quivering brain is still not yet a chore. Guess i'm morbid like that.

3. Cannot begin on my Gender Project because... Instructions given in the booklet aren't clear to me, so am waiting for tutor-enlightenment through email.
[update: my tutor is a godsend... she's tactful, she's understanding, she's smart, she's a natural and respected teacher, and she's helpful. I lub.]

4. It's not easy to dissect stuff from a 1950s women's magazine. Er, born in 1984, i was.

5. Mildly sprained the foot while carrying out an errand. Hope it does not hamper my running routine. *grumble*
[update: i think the night's rest did the insides some good. Twisting me foot now and it ain't hurting no more!]

6. Enjoyed the yumfummiest Tom Yum pasta dish in a loooong while, at the Black Canyon Coffee place at Serene Centre today. It has commanded my respect and i'll be fantasizing about a next trip there soon. *thought bubble with bowl of tom yum pasta floating within it*
It's my first time there so i can't say that ALL the dishes and beverages rock. But what i do know is, the prices for food is affordable enough: Around 10bucks, plus or minus a bit. However, the iced latte looked a little scant for something that cost 4+bucks though.
(believe it or not, i am salivating as i type this with the delectable image in my head. Think: Ivan Pavlov's drooly dog. Haha, i amuse myself.)

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