Tuesday, March 28, 2006

question? + my eeeyyees!

If you could change ONE aspect of yourself, which already existing good aspect of yourself would you be willing to give up for that "better-ment"?

For example:

Mr Mango Tree wants to bear sweeter fruit, but he must give up his nice dark green leaves for neon pink ones. And Mr Mango Tree HATES neon pink.

Ok fine that was weird. How about this. For example, Miss Lamperberdoo would trade in her quality of "honesty" to be become "dishonest" since she can and will have "large, almond shaped eyes" in return.

Note that this isn't an argument about the age old debate "outward physical beauty vs inner beauty".


MAN... I am... Just... Giggling as i write this. I'm not giggling in a cute girly, shy and coy way. I giggling... Nervously. Why, you ask?

I'm embarking on this project for my social psychology module, "The Gender Project", as it is called. My job is to pick 30 photographs of men and women in total, as well as read up on what my chosen magazine (a few issues of it) has to say about the issues pertaining to both the sexes.

As i'm perusing the internet to get a list of magazines to give me a good range to make my choice of which magazine to buy, once again i'm faced with the point: "Women are EVERYWHERE. Female and male targeted magazines, you've got them, EVERYWHERE."

Mind you, i'm not an ardent and rabid reader of female targeted magazines but i've seen enough to know that we don't, DON'T have 1000 000 men prancing around in our magazines looking dirtily sexy in... in, whatever coloured or patterned boxer shorts they love, or triangular-pieces-of-fabric-with-strings, or whatever else have you, in very compromising poses.
NO, we do NOT have men flashing parts of their genitals to you. NO. Only the WOMEN have been bestowed all the honour of doing that.

*ahem* I think i've gone off point, excuse me. I needed to rant.

So anyway, since i can only pick one magazine title, and i need photos of both males and females. I reckon picking a male targeted magazine works best for me for obvious reasons.

About the analyses of textual content though... GOSH! I don't know what to do! Let me tell you why.

One glance at the front cover of FHM and i am already staggering mentally. ARGGGHHH!! MY EYES MY EYES! I FEEL MY INNOCENCE BEING GRABBED AT, STRANGULATED AND RIPPED AWAY FROM ME. AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel visually and mentally violated even if i'm looking at my own gender in scanty pieces of fabric.

I really don't care if the world is laughing at me now for being so "closed-minded". Simply put, i don't agree with some of the things that the world embraces.

Since i've not opened an issue of FHM before, I don't know if the contents in there is varied enough for analysis? *shrug* I don't know, maybe a trip to HV will educate me on that.

Sheesh.... It's like soft porn to me already ok? Ehm, how about Men's Health? Or another men's magazine?


I could settle for "She" magazine. I heard that it's British, and boring.



scezzy said...

Giggling nervously while reading FHM?

Rather than say something sensible i'll just giggle along :)

joline said...


*roar!* You're suppose to heeelllppp meeee!!! Boohoo. >:-(

Wahaha, erm nope. I is not giggling over semi nude photos because i haven't gotten a hardcopy of it. Am still deciding which mag to buy. Methinks... Men's Health will be better than FHM, for my em, academic purposes.