Sunday, March 12, 2006

Polishing the Gem

Today, my Gem was baptised. As in, water baptism... I cannot really fully describe how i feel inside about all that has happened ever since he stepped into church last year, around June or July. But it's all so good. To cell mate who asked how i felt about his baptism... Honestly, i cannot say much because words fail me now, but... It's pure bubbly joy!

But i think that his joy probably races much, much further ahead of mine!

His outlook in life has turned about because he found and is continuing to find out more of the incredible truths that only our Lord can give. It's pretty amazing... Do read his account of all that he has experienced once he publishes something... I would be most happy to provide the link when he does.

I don't know if i should change his blog link's name, (haha) but IF i do, it's NOT that i've switched to a new significant other. More like, my significant other has gotten a new life in Christ.
point of information: they get to choose an english name if they wish to have one.


lakeside girl said...

Amen! It's awesome news for u, i'm sure u're beaming from ear to ear. :)

"We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28

joline said...

green apple:

HAHA, yeah! You said it. The kind of happiness that hops around inside so violently that you begin to respond by hopping about outwardly too.

Yes, learning to delight in the Lord, and seeing that it's so sweet being with Him. :-DDDD

Anonymous said...

did u read her world? seems like 3 bloggers were featured. they have like 4000 hits everyday. i was like wondering are pple going to see their revealing photos or do they actually read what was blogged down?

mind bloggering

joline said...

mind bloggering:

nope, i dont read her world... if the lasses look beautiful on their blogs, it's not surprising that people would go there. the world is voyeuristic and well, loves good looking things. ha, women in general are so aesthetically pleasing.