Thursday, March 23, 2006

May i lay claim on...

40 hours of uninterrupted sleep?

40 minutes of unbridled insanity?

40 seconds of irresponsible actions?


It's the time when my brain is messed up, and i don't mean because of examinations. This too shall pass, and while i'm not being my usual self, i'll jot down some complete nonsense that bear no meaning nor consequence.

Just when my foot healed overnight, quite literally, i bashed my fourth little toe on my left footie against the piano chair's leg. I yelped so loud and sat down almost immediately on my rump to massage my poor digit that was crying out in miserable agony from the shock.
And so the joint is badly bruised internally and i'm wondering if it sustained some form of hairline fracture or just some bad joint bruise or something. It hurts and is a little stiff. Does nothing to ensure that my exercising regime won't be disrupted. I guess i still can cycle, which would make the other treadmill users happy for the want of one less runner.

After 3 attempts at curbing my lust for new apparel, i finally gave in to my desires! At But you gotta admit that it was a pretty good deal: 3 tees with artistic and original designs that you cannot get in Singapore. With shipping costs, they each come up to around SGD$21. Which is very comparable to other tees that you can get locally and that are mainstream and boring.

They recently had a sale, USD10 per tee, but i'm afraid it's over now. But if you're an aspiring fashion designer with a penchant for speaking your mind on (sticky) issues close to your heart through fashion design on tops, you might want to take a look at what kind of exposure you can get out of offering a t-shirt design. Haven't taken a look at it myself but yeah! Don't hesitate, cos you never know, yo. ;-D

I bought: "Death by music", "MP(3)" and ""Heavy Medal" (not sure if i got all the names right though).

Waiting happily for my steal!


lakeside girl said...

YOU GOT THEM!!!! And my friend got my favourite Think Slow, which is one in a gorgeous shade of green.

Life is unfair.


lakeside girl said...

And imho, threadless's sales is a SUPER GD bargain. Look at their stock, practically everything in Girly tees are sold out. :(

Dominic said...

Nice site. In fact, the US has many of such sites selling t-shirts with cool designs you hardly can find in S'pore.

Browsing through that site is an orgasmic experience. And Singapore really needs a design renaissance in the visual arts faculty.

And WOW...this is the first of such sites which actually allow you to submit your designs....hmm...I better get workin'...

Take care!

joline said...

green apple:

*nod* Yeap, i saw the "Think Slow" one and then remembered your post on it. It's ok, how about we keep a look out for the tees we want then if you like, (and IF we got moolah to spare) we can order together to save on shipping? There were SO many girlie tees that i wanted but you've got to request a reprint!


*big grin* Glad to have been able to suggest to you zis cerebral excitement! NICE RIGHT?! *wooop!* Eh, not sure if your "get to work" means back to "camp work", but if it means to continue photoshopping, then hooyeah! It would be mighty fun to see a design of yours take flight. hieh hieh hieh...

Imagine the amount of arty farty pleasure if there really was such a renaissance... *dream*

Anonymous said...

wow sounds great. i gonna check out the site soon. btw i really got learn 1st aid, it was so funny esp the part on bandaging the head. we look like the chef at japanese ramen shop.hahaha.
i have to agree sg designers are abit the boring. was leafing thru my sis mag on wedding gowns the designs are so passe, i tell u. look so ugly.but then agn fashion means diff things to diff pple hor?

joline said...


buah hahahaha, i can imagine the sight!
Yeap, i believe that perception of "what's nice" can be subjective. :-) Acherly, i think that local designers do come up with wuite some nice/outrageous designs. Perhaps the "boring clothes" come from the places that provide clothes for the masses. I own... a lot of giordano stuff... HA...
Oh, and Giordano is from Hong Kong.

WEDDING GOWNS? YES! Your sista! Oh, and by the way... In this week's Urban (the smaller newspaper) they featured this guy who designs wedding gowns. They didn't feature his whole collection but the one that was printed on the paper looked quite pretty actually! Go see! Go See! 8-DDDD

=^_^= said...

Hey you!
Saw your message on my journal so I'm dropping in to let you know I'm still alive. But barely. I'm up to here *gestures an inch over head* with school stuff.

What a coincidence though. I was at "threadless" too just a couple of days ago. "Sale!" I thought...but I'm really quite broke so I left with nothing. Have fun with your stash!

joline said...


Yeah, was wondering if you were still alive... which modules are u taking now?

Heh, where'd you learn about Threadless? Would love to know more about such tee selling webbies.

Anonymous said...

huh it look so...typical of wedding gown. nth spectacular. i dunno but i tink ur taste is prob diff frm mine. my sis visited his website before. i went too, a few are nice but the others are so boring. i mean u look at vera wang... look at those gowns pple wear to oscar how can they compare to ted wu? but then agn the price is also very diff too. well.....

joline said...


Dunno... Maybe when she tries the gown on, she'll see how beautiful she really looks in it. :-D