Thursday, March 02, 2006

Feeling a bit like this... Posted by Picasa

And like this Posted by Picasa


weirong said...

hmm.. the lizard-eye ealier.. was it laid in a plastic sauce-dish? It must be really tiny then!


Everything's ok?
Hope u can calm yourself down to find a stable state as opposed to the "brooding" and "gnashing-teeth" moods yea~


chelsea5manutd0 said...

hi jo, i'm always cheered by your kind sweet words of encouragement & affirmation, & ur smile, so do want to see u more in this state & not in the pictures shown. hope ur frustration & depression clears soon

joline said...


It was in a small disposable container... Uhm, originally used for jelly but yup, also ideal for sauce. And yes, it IS cute and schmall, and it is not an "eye", my dear.
Everything's kind of... i dunno how to say. Will deal with it in time to come.


Hee, thanks Eugene. That's just so encouraging and positive, it makes me smile and feel better. I guess there're times when a certain event will have a profound effect on me until the concentration of "awfulness" overwhelmes me for a while.

Anonymous said...

My Dear Fren! No pictorals here, but here's a *HUG*!

liting said...

dont know wad happened to the comments page, but that anonymous is liting. Dont know why cant leave my name just now. *puzzled*

gecko said...

hang in there!

joline said...


Thanks dearie. :-D It's really heartening to receive your care and concern! *smile* Uhm, that hasn't happened to me before... Maybe some technical glitch. Hope your PC is ok liao... How is it?


Haik! I will. Thank you lots!

Vicki said...

er did the lizard hatch?

joline said...


*rolls chair over to check*
Nope, still lookin' like an egg. I think it might take a couple or a few weeks before it hatches.