Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I've got me books, and i've started reading 'em. It's easy to get distracted and bored what with the endless black print with no colour illustrations even. But i tell myself: "Don't look at the short term goal of simply finishing a chapter, but look to the exams. You want to do well, don't you? You want to walk out of that exam hall knowing that you were well prepared and did your best with everything that you could muster, don't you?"
And my motivation returns preceded with a more positive attitude to face my books of endless black print with no colour illustrations even.

Don't really know what to blog about these days, but rest assured, i'm not going to close this blog down. It holds too many memories for me, though i've contemplated printing out close to everything i've ever bothered to deposit here.
Don't quite like not having stuff to update about and seeing the same old posts over again.

I'm doing a Social Psych mod this sem, yummilicious. It already looks set to beat cognitive psych. I'm telling myself: READ WITH UNDERSTANDING! READ IT PROPER!

I've always thought that i'm lagging in the intellectual and maturity department. Things come to me slower. Later. Grasping most stuff comes at a snail's pace in comparison with most people my age. At least that's what it feels like.

Gem lent me his LOTR - Return of the King, Extended Version DVD. No kidding. It got my nose glued to the lappie for a good 4+ hours or so. Amazing stuff. I wonder when the next epic kind of movie with like 3 or 4 or 6 parts to it will come. Every now and then, you get preciousssss creations like Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings. The Chronicles of Narnia does't look very promising to me personally, though. Mayhap i'm too used to action, blood and loads of hightech CGI.

*blinks tired eyes* Glad to say that my biological clock has been pretty much adjusted to a healthy sleeping and waking time, plus, i'm keeping to my NY's resolutions. Greaaaat.

I miss LOTR xboxing. No wait. I need hack and slash games.

Apparently in our temporary possession, we've got The Prince of Persia - Warrior Within, and may i add, that it's a really great game. A pity though. Just because of one, ONE, wall-to-wall jump stunt that i've tried about 20 odd times and cannot seem to get through with, i've abandoned the game. Because i can go no further if i can't execute that and get on with the scene.



weirong said...

I agree that this Blog of yours is most precious indeed! Without it, I wonder how else I might have "found" you again *grin* XD

I'm glad you find your module this Sem so interesting! I say, try drawin out those mind-maps to help get a "big picture" for e info u're trying to absorb :D
If that fails.. er, myb I'll doodle some characters in there to keep u glued to e "endless black print" (^^)

Hmm.. abt P.O.P,.. wonder if i can try out b4 u have to return it ;)

Kudos to keeping NY resolutions! :D

Liangcai said...

Lagging in the intellectual and maturity department? Hmm well what you cannot do with talent, make up for it with pure hard work then :) read over and over again. I'm sure it'll work out.

joline said...


hm. food for thought. if let's say it wasn't through this blog, would our paths have crossed again, purposefully (because of some strange plan of which we are unaware of) again through another medium? I wonder.

Sure! Maybe we could use a gamer's fingers, which may just do the trick!


Yeap, that's the way it's gotta be, and will continue to be (i hope). Thanks mate, i need the good advice!

chelsea5manutd0 said...

heya looking forward to u telling me about what u learn in ur Social Psych module!

when my friend brought me to watch LOTR - Return of the King, after 45 mins I went out to get a packet of Twisties to eat so it would be easier for me to sleep thru the rest of the 3 hr 14 mins. (sorrie.)

joline said...


So far, i've been reading about what it means to be a person: As in, being aware of "being in a physical body", aware of your consciousness, and stuff like being found in a social context. It sounds pretty interesting already!
Ha, looking forward to passing you my books also leh, i'm quite happy to see you going through the material. ;-)

Huh... you found it so boring?! Guess this type of movie isn't your cuppa tea. Wahahaa... How different! I had me a packet of Twisties so that i would have something to add onto the exciting experience.