Monday, January 09, 2006

Rainy, rainy, cold and shivery, wet, wet... Er. I want to go to IKEA and eat chicken wings. *skips around but frowns at the sight of the scene outside*

Nevertheless, it's purdy nice in a sense. Yesterday, i had fun slapping my slipper clad feet in puddles along Orchard Road. The feeling of the chilly, sloshy water flowing in and out again between my toes was refreshing, plus, i loved the way the water sprung up a few centimetres from the ground in a little sprinkly wave. (but point to note, do not attempt childhood rain fun behind richly dressed stranger.)

After a while, i got tired of opening and closing the brolly, and so i began to walk in the rain, not caring that i could hide under my sis's. The rain drops were big ole fat ones, heavy and shrieky-cold, but i enjoyed getting drenched. It's so liberating.

My memories of december was always that of rain, while january and february have always been that of clear, blue and sunny skies with sparse white clouds that bear no message of rain. That, and gusty winds that make me raise my face to stare into the beauty of the stereotypical high place we all call The Heavens.
Hmph. The climate's going wonky, if you ask me.

It's the kind of weather that encourages depressed people in their certain grim purposes, the kind of weather that, in the Northern Hemispheric context, causes a rise in deaths.

I've always had a penchant for talking about things that somehow find its way to Death.


After my 1st year in Uni during which i slogged and mugged for a good 8 months or so, i totally collapsed from exhaustion during the 4 months of break that led into 2005. And my engine of motivation never found its way to resume its momentum. I attribute that to the insane length of the academic year without a strategic June break and the long holiday which put me in a most inefficient frame of mind. And sadly, i stayed in that mentality for the whole of 2005, which gave me my cat and dog grades, although i still praise the Lord, because i really didn't deserve to pass.

This year, it's different. The engine's running, i feel focused, i am motivated. My lousy grades from the last two modules did nothing to give me discouragement, but instead has fueled my desire to do better, or at least, to correct the wrong areas in my life, get into shape to try harder. I don't have much time left in school and i need that nice looking cert if i am going to further my studies elsewhere.

Singapore's list of majors in local universities is Miserable.

The changes made to the marking system as well as the academic calendar gives me hope that i might stop hitting Cs. Having an "Elitist" (so i was told) as one of the new Heads in the school isn't too shabby either since they'll want to improve the university. So yeah, by all means, please rub shoulders with the high and mighty, if it means that we'll be recognized beyond our shores.


liting said...

All the way Jo!!!!! You can do it! New year new beginning. I have faith in you my friend. Give you mental support! and 'physical support' too! If my knowledge of psychology and sociology etc can help you squeeze more brain juice for your assignments that is. My line is always open to you!

By the way, can you be the main planner for our Feb get-to together? since you are getting tix and etc. I happen to have a MAJOR assignment due on the following Monday of the 18th and could do with some help by not being the organiser. Thanks gal!

joline said...


Can, i will do the Feb meeting planning.
Hee, i was just thinking about you today and how you said that you had FYP meetings for a few hours only in a day.

scezzy said...


Haha another person who likes getting rained on ;) Personal favourite rain type? soft drizzle or vicious blanket of bloodseeking water missiles?

Never too late to start the engines again, got TURBO?

weirong said...

hee, i can picture u splashing abt; making waves in 'em puddles already.. Good choice of footwear too! Perhaps that was something you've always enjoyed as a kid? Playing abt in the rain? ;)

A brief period of somewhat "filtered" sunshine was pouring through my window as i typed this.. Not the brightest of mornings, but still a welcome sign after days of "wintery-gloom".. Reminds of Aslan's return! :D


I'm glad you're feeling positively-charged & raring to go for this academic year! Hopefully the new leadership in yr sch can bring abt changes tt lead to variety of choices for yr further-studies.
As always, trust & follow our Leader & He will make our paths straight! :o)

Joline said...


Is it as good as it used to be? I've only tried it once in my life so far and that was... a few weeks ago.

What is this gloomy love for rain? What is it about rain that touches only our superficial skin but arouses all sorts of emotions inside. It's beautiful, isn't it. \

Uhm, i think i prefer vicious blanket. Drizzles are like, neither here nor there, and come across more like a cold and irritating annoyance. But still, since it is a subset of rain, i still like it. You?

Er, no Turbo leh.

joline said...


Yeah! T'was my warehouse sale $5 arena slippers. :-) Comfy, comfy. Uh huh, I remember the chilly water entering my slippers when it rains and when i have to walk to school in the afternoons. :-)

Aslan came on a squishy and wet day? *squints* I cannot remember...

*beam* Yes, beginning my days with our Leader. Very refreshing. ;-D