Thursday, January 19, 2006

It was 2+am in the morning, and my eyes were still glued to the lappie screen, reason: Watching LOTR - Fellowship of the Ring.

I like watching movies on my lappie because i get to be really upclose to the moving images. To keep watch on every detail, from the cuts and bruises, creases and wrinkles, the smoothness of one's skin, oily hair, almond shaped eyes... To the lush greenery and beautiful expanse of actual, outdoor scenery of New Zealand (unlike The Chronicles of Nar...). I also get to press my nose, or close to, the characters' faces and see the unspoken but not masked emotion from their eyes. Sure, i don't get superb hair-gets-blown-to-one-side kind of sound system from the lappie and speakers but what compensates for that, is the privacy i have when i watch my movie alone, and when i can control the flow or disruption of the movie: The rewind button is my slave.

And so i finally got to watch the first show to its completion without being disturbed, following the story clearly and understanding all the implications of what's what.

The movie is absolutely enthralling, captivating. I find myself gawking at the screen, pulled into the story, living their journey, feeling their pain and anguish when they lose a friend. I realized that my face was contorted with horror as i watched Boromir fight even after 3 arrow shafts were protruding from his chest. And who could forget Gandalf? Kindly, intelligent, learned. Powerful yet is still vulnerable and fragile at the same time.

Of course, there is much more to be said. It's LOTR, yeah?


Now. For The Two Towers. Which, unfortunately consists of VCDs, which my, ironically "too advanced lappie" cannot play.



Anonymous said...

yea yea. we only learn cpr for a day. strictly saying we only get to practise for 4 hrs and there! we are supposed to know how to save a life?? such a tall order hor

joline said...


Indeed. And you don't get to practice doing it? On those models in your own time?

Anonymous said...

in my own time? thats another tall order cos i m only in sch on tue. the rest even if i go to sch, i cant possibly ask them to open u the room just for me rite? and tue we have other lessons too.

joline said...


Ohhh... Whoops.