Saturday, January 14, 2006

Guess there'll be no xboxing for tonight.

I've got to be at our controversial mrt station first thing tomorrow morning for the opening carnival. Heh, and this time, we get to do demos with our bows, hence the need to lug my equipment along. The VIP is MP Teo Chee Hean ok?

Like i said, no xboxing tonight. Hmmmm.


scezzy said...

Don't shoot him!!!

Liangcai said...

opening carnival? for a moment when i saw the word 'bows', I really thought you meant bowing as an action. hahaha.

Bowing before an MP just sounds damn wrong.

joline said...


Heh. And he had no bodyguard too. >:-D


teehee! I agree. *thinks of the ancient civilizations of China* Eee. Wrong, no, no.