Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Good Morning Buangkok. I'm seeing you at 7:30am now. *yawn* After 2 1/2 hours of sleep.

A and G take the opportunity to shoot while there's still time before the crowd builds up.

Soon, a whole barrage of students came and decided to give archery a try. Hope your interest in archery has been sparked!

Apart from the two very short but vicious showers, we had an ok time. S, whom i met for the first time, scouted around for Helium filled balloons and yep, you can guess what happened. Suddenly, we had a chipmunk in our midst, singing songs and swaying from side to side. And S, is NOT chipmunk proportioned. It was SO HILARIOUS, i laughed till my cheeks burned with pain.

And finally, my books shall be coming in this friday. WOOOOOOOOOOOT! I am just about the happiest person about it and my sister thinks i'm siao. I know this sounds insane, but i've decided that exam prep begins the minute i get my course materials. I want to get me Bs. I want.


Anonymous said...

so motivated u r. i shud learn from u. my notes has been sitting on my table since last week and i cant be bothered. aiyo. u know i gotta this module called principles of marketing. and the notes is like....4 inch?wah law. i was like die ar, how to study??

Anonymous said...

the notes are here, right.but the lectures haven start lor. btw, my cpr test was so ...failed my one man cpr. but heng i pass 3 others and passed the theory test which cant have more than 6 qtns wrong

liting said...

too much purposeless holidays already? that's why hoping for school to start soon. sorry gal, me always busy if not you got more company instead of xboxing everyday (that is if you love my company in the first place) muhahah.

Onward to your Bs gal!!! You can do it. Remember not to read your textbooks for the first time just days before your paper like you did the other day ok... Read early and make notes! Yeap.

joline said...


4 inches?! My goodness! Uhm, perhaps, section them out according to how much you're going to do each day? Wow, CPR test?


Hah... No lah. It's ok! Of course i do enjoy your company, you have one sensible head on your shoulders, it's always a pleasure to talk about stuff with you. :-)

YEP! Indeed. My exam prep begins when i get my books. And i've realized the importance of making notes the hard way, something which i couldn't find time to do in the past.