Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I feel quite retarded leh, and i'll tell you why. As of (earlier) yesterday, i bore the artwork of my sister, which were the highlights in my hair. And then... in an attempt to soften the stark blondness of some parts just a wee bit *sob*, i "erased" most of the highlights (dyeing it a darker brown) and now it looks... like it wasn't dyed ever at all.

*Alamak* It's not so much of how i look now, but more of... I feel so bad that i wasted my sister's hard work and about 5 hours of her life. :~-( So, like i said, i feel quite retarded. Now i just need to hope that history would repeat itself, i.e., the dye would fade a bit after washing.

But i love the smell of the conditioner that comes with the hair dye. Fruity. Yum!

*** ***

The Archery Club of Singapore will be at Hougang to bring archery to the public once again. And yeappp, it's for the opening of our infamous White Elephant aka Buangkok MRT Station. Happening on the 15th of Jan, sunday, from 9am to 12pm.

Oh yeah, and Coach Joline doth strike again.

*** ***

I've got lobang! Got Lobang!!!

To all ACSians, (Anglo-Chinese School, not Archery Club of Singapore) Past, Present and To-Be AND to Every other interested party: The long awaited school funfair that happens every 2 years, Fun-O-Rama, is coming up, on the 18th of Feb, 9:30am to 6pm. Tickets at $10 each. Happening at Anglo-Chinese Junior College, as always. For info on tickets, you can email me at

I'm really nice, see? So, don't scared!

If you're not there for the food, go there for the fun and games.
If you're not there for the fun and games, then go there to visit your teachers.
If you're not there for the teachers, then go look at the newly erected blocks and plasma TV.
If you're not there to appreciate the newly erected blocks and plasma TV, then go there to step on the track-that-Mr-Lenn-protects-with-monetary-threats.
If you're not there to step on the track and feign ignorance, then go and pretend that you're enjoying yourself.
If you're not there to pretend that you're enjoying yourself, then go and soak in the "AC Spirit". *cough**cough*
If you're not there to soak in the... Spirit, then go and make it an excuse to meet up with old friends!
If you're not there to rekindle friendships, then er.. go and parade yourself.
If you're not there to parade yourself, then go and see the parade... Trust me, got loads of eye candy one. *wink* To be fair, girls and guys also lah, ok!

Disclaimer: Err..., for that last sentence, it was my Year-2004-Self talking. My eyes very tame now one hor.

Oh wait, this is suppose to be a family friendly blog. Ok, tata!

P.S.: Library Gang girls, WE ARE GOING. WOOT!


cheryl said...

Haha yes, the plasma tvs and the preciousss track! Goodness. $10 fine and no feigning ignorance says the PE HOD. Haha :)

joline said...


HAHAHAHHAHA. Confirmation from a current student! The dark ages still reign. Muah hahahah!

weirong said...

Ooh.. that track sounds like some sacred ground..
*gently places a little toe on it*

Oh btw, the carnival lasts overnight one? (".) *puzzled*

scezzy said...

Goodness funorama is here again?
I'm starting to feel quite old -_-

joline said...


OOPS. It's actually 9:30am. Teehee.
Yep, it is sacred ground if you're not in the right sacrific... i mean, ceremonial attire (ie. PE attire).


*nod* 22 this year. TWENTY TWO
The horror.
By the way, i saw your "outfit" during Mari's party. Buah hahaha.

cheryl said...

haha yes jo! its illegal if you're not in the bright yellow pe shirt and shorts! wahahaha. but the track's apparently quite new, they did it last yr or smth..:)

Joline said...


Oh R.E.A.L.L.Y? Thanks for the info. *rubs hands evilly* No lah, i don't fancy getting yelled at by scary people like... R****** Ng.