Friday, January 27, 2006

While walking around one of the levels of Bukit Timah Plaza (or was it shopping centre?) i got slapped in the brain by a flashback when i saw this. It was as though at that moment, i shrank half a metre down in a split second and was staring at this through the eyes of a child (erm, but without the specs because of perfect eyesight i had then). The surroundings didn't need to change much to become some scene from the 1990s because it already looked quite "old Singapore".

Was pleasantly surprised when i opened one of the oranges. The normal coloured orange is the one you see upfront, but the one behind looks like an opened grapefruit. Ah hah, but both are oranges pure and simple and they do not taste too far different.

Fletching jig for my compound bow arrows. I just like the way how the surface looks so sleek.

One of those candle-in-a-glass thingy.

Jed loves associating with warm clothes that come fresh out of the dryer. Argh, now you know why my clothes are covered in fur and why i might smell like... dog.

A tree shot taken from my room window. The angle just reminds me of the type of tree that you would expect to see a person sitting beneath with a book in hand and head bowed in concentration. Though a tree of that sort would stereotypically appear to be shorter and thicker in bark, with branches that spread out wide their rich autumn colour themed leaves.


Anonymous said...

hey hey!! HapPie ChInEsE NeW YeAr!!

weirong said...

Photo Fest! (^^)

a) Ah yes, I rem good 'ol Telecoms yep.. The logo reminds me of an old telephone design; the "turn-dial" kind.
O, I've to agree abt BtTimah Plaza's nostalgic-feel.. The first time I went there was just in 2004 only though :p

b) Mmmm... wonder if "red" mandarins taste sweeter? Or more spicy >.< *chuckle* :p

c) I like shiny, chrome-like surfaces too :) Try shooting it against a dark background; but using e same lighting. I foresee your jig turning-out to look like a prop from a scifi-film, like myb a spacecraft hovering thru deep-space~

d) At first glance, I thought I saw a "glass donut" :) Is the candle in the glass the made of some gel? Can't figure out if the "ripples" are part of the glass' unique design or part of the candle's structure~

e) Aww... I dun think your clothes smell funny la :o) *sniff*
In spite of the heartwarming effect of this pic, I'm reminded of KL's cooking-scheme & tt particularly-fitting fruit-platter you have at home... o.o" (Must be bcs of Jed's nice "sausage-pose" here)

f) It is said that outdoor photography is best done during early mornings or evenings..
Personally, I like Dawn and Dusk. If the weather's fine, there'll be just enough sunlight to create soft shadows and distant silhouettes esp for outdoor scenery.

My feel towards this pic matches your description of e shot.. I imagine it'd be wonderful to have some rays of sunlight spilling through the canopy onto the floor.. with (normal)(acorn & peace-loving) squirrels doing their busy-routine abt the tree :D

Anonymous said...

maybe u shud do a mind map, good for revising and i love to draw until very colorful. better than seeing so many headache inducing words when u want a quick review

joline said...


And a Happy Chinese New Year to you gal. :-D Sure hope that you had a good time filling up on goodies and er... hm, monetary funds.

Indeed, i have done a mindmap. It's true that they are most useful during revisions, without the large chunks of scary words. Unless one finds that chunks of words tend to yield more specific and elaborate information.


YEAH! Long analyses, i likes.

1. I believe that that's what it's suppose to look like. And yep, that place hasn't changed at all. And what business would an Easterner have there? Dance Class?

2. T'wasn't mandarin oranges my dear.

3. Space Jig. Hm. Maybe you could help me with that when we're bored and have time on our hands. I can't think of a suitable angle.

4. The glass is simply just the slim rim you see. The ripples is part of the candle that has been... i don't know. Distorted by the flame? The gel was initially smooth on the surface.

5. Hey, i thought you were on my and Jed's side!?! But he does look like a slab of meat doesn't he.

6. I agree. And yes, peace loving squirrels. (For once!) Can you think of a movie that inspired such an idealistic scene in our heads? Or was it too many Enid Blyton books.