Saturday, October 01, 2005

Wow, now, when was the last time that i actually managed to stay away from blogging for a week?

Going through those 23 comments from the previous post (and counting, if anyone else leaves me anything) really makes me smile.
A Thank You to everyone who contributed to making that special day memorable... with your comments, MSN chit chats and calls... (it's quite funny, come to think of it)
*chuckle* You know who you are. ;-)

And of course, to you.

*** ***

The Technoidiot has done it again. I have conquered HTML.


Er. I mean... Erm, ok... Well...
It's been a long while since i said that i wanted to switch to Blogger Comments, which is a lot more reliable, i think. But since i had no idea which were the the Haloscan HTMLs to delete, i had put this on hold, and for way too long.

Ah well, i've finally figured out what to do (and during the meddling, i was terrified of accidentally deleting the WHOLE HTML TEMPLATE. Hence I made sure that i kept copying and saving it onto Word) and hieh hieh, i am happy to say that i have my template saved up in Word and i shall be switching soon.

Being a Sentimental (and sometimes for the dumbest things), I feel sad that all the comments that you, my friends, have all left for me will disappear from sight. :-( But i guess it will be an improvement, looking at the bigger picture.

Change is constant and this change will, i believe, serve you and me better. Yay!

Alamak, machiam like such a big issue liddat... Arhh. I am a Sentimental ok?

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